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  • I’m seeking recommendations for a very thorough and complete tutorial for configuring the settings of WP Super Cache.

    To be clear, I would like to find one that explains how to decide on your settings for each and every option – not one which only gives its author’s recommendations on what setting options to choose. This is an important distinction.

    I’ve searched, and looked at many of the so-called tutorials out there. None of the ones I’ve found – and there are many online – cover all of the options.

    Most just give the author’s personal recommendations (based mostly on their own needs), and so each one that I’ve found naturally gives different recommendations than the others. Of course, since each website environment is unique, each user’s settings choices should be personalized to their own particular needs. Some of the best that I’ve found give an explanation, for some of the settings, which help you to decide which option would work best in your own particular environment; but none are thorough in that regard.

    The FAQ of the WP Super Cache plugin page itself is helpful in giving information to help you decide on the best options for some settings, but gives no guidance for others.

    So please, don’t recommend any which just present screenshots of the author’s own preferences without explanations of how to decide on what is best for your own site. I am looking for ones which tell you why and in which situations you would choose options for each of the available settings.

    I am new to WP Super Cache, and while it does seem much easier to set up than W3 Total Cache, there are still an awful lot of options to decide upon. I’m certain that many new users of WPSC would benefit from and appreciate a really good and complete tutorial, so your best recommendations will be very appreciated by many, I’m sure!

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  • I second HOMMEALONE’s request. I too am new to WP Super Cache, am relatively experienced with using WP plugins, but am struggling to get the settings that work best for my site. I only have two pages on my website that update weekly (the other 500 or so are basically static). But the two pages that I really need to cache don’t want to stay cached. Please consider expanding your FAQ (which helped alot) into what would be a comprehensive look at all the settings. Thanks!

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