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[Resolved] This would be nice…

  • I would love it if the “UPDATE NOTIFICATIONS” could be turned OFF… it gets really old opening up your WP Admin and seeing the same Plugins needing updated 2-3-4 times a month… with no WP version changes..

    I think a lot of these plugin sites just put out an update to get traffic to their site or bring more attention to their plugin.

    It would be nice to have different levels of updates… Mandatory Updates for security reasons or WP version changes… and lower level updates that are not that important..

    Either way it would be nice to turn off the notifications because they are extremely annoying… Or better yet put a limit on the amount of updates a plugin can have in a given year… to 12.. once a month should be fine for regular updates… any more than that it’s just SPAM…

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  • http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/disable-wordpress-plugin-updates/

    Plenty of ways to do it yourself. Guaranteed this will not be happening in WP core. I review the changlog of every update for my plugns before installing. 99% are important for one reason or another.

    Well that sucks… every time I open my Admin there is a plugin that “NEEDS” to be updated… I spend a lot of time “UPDATING PLUGINS” BUT if you DON’T UPDATE them… they still work.. and everything is as secure as it was before. These plugin updates are super annoying… and I seriously doubt that they really NEED to be updated. It is “WP Plugin Update SPAM” is what it is…

    I can see when a new version of WP comes out.. everyone has to make sure their plugin is compatible… but there is no reason that a plugin should need to be updated several times in one month when there has not been a new version of WP released.

    At the very least WP should put a meter on each Plugin Page that says how many average updates per month each plugin usually “requires” so that people know that the plugin they are about to use will need constant attention.

    Now I’m off to delete some plugins that are more trouble than they are worth…

    BUT if you DON’T UPDATE them… they still work.. and everything is as secure as it was before.

    Not true. In fact, unless you inspect the code of every plugin update, you can’t possibly know that for sure.

    If a plugin is updating more than once a month, without something in the changelog explaining why, I’d be inclined to dump them too, but I rarely see that happening.

    I think I just need to dump some plugins.. the ones that update once a week for no reason. I seriously think it is just to bring more attention to their plugin… or they just don’t know what they are doing.


    Could be both 🙂 If you need help finding alternatives, let us know!

    I seriously think it is just to bring more attention to their plugin

    Why would they need to do that if you are already using the plugin?

    I’ve seen some *ahem* clever jacks update their plugins daily, in order to make it look like they were constantly improving it. I distinctly remember this being a hot button topic a year or so ago, where some kid (he was like 16…) was constantly updating his plugins with minor tweaks, thinking it would drive traffic his way (or maybe that wasn’t his point… either way it was annoying).

    Yeah…. that would definitely be annoying! Guess I hadn’t thought about it as I hadn’t run into it!



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    I distinctly remember this being a hot button topic a year or so ago

    Oh – I remember that! It wasn’t helped by the fact that he was updating about a dozen or more plugins at a time.

    Speaking as the (lesser) partner involved in maintaining a fairly large & popular plugin, I have to say that the whole “release an upgrade or not” topic is a balancing act. On the one hand, you don’t want to pester people with upgrade notices. But, you cannot ignore it if someone notifies you of a bug in the current release. We try to deal with this by scheduling minor bug fixes for the next major update (if we can) but with some of the more significant bugs, that’s not always possible. And we still get the odd person complaining.

    It would be a great help if people actually participated in beta testing major upgrades but, so far, we’ve found that – despite asking for volunteers and making beta versions available – the number of people who actually take part and send in bug reports is very small. You could probably count them on the fingers of one hand. And that’s for a plugin that has in the region of 50k users…

    That’s the one, esmi!

    And yeah, my plugins are all babies used by a handful of people. I’ve only had one ‘OMG! WTF? BBQ!’ moment where I had to do an emergency push of a new version the same day as another release, but that’s different from that guy who was updating ALL his crap all the time.

    If a plugin’s updating once a week, I’d be contacting the dev’s and asking what the heck is wrong.

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