• I used to have iThemes security installed, but it was giving me a lot of problems on my highly customized e-commerce site. It was way too stringent and restrictive and kept breaking functionality. I kept turning features off until I had virtually no protection. That’s when I started getting bombarded by hacker attacks. I’ve had fake posts injected into my blog. I’ve had bogus users created. I’ve had tens of thousands of login attempts constantly filling up my logs.

    I installed this based on a recommendation. I watched the logs for a few days. The first day I had 8740 hacker login attempts. On the second day it was down to 5103. Third day – 2030. Fourth day – 607. By the fifth day, the bogus login attempts were down to 61. Amazing!!! This plugin automatically blocked 946 IP’s over five days and the hack attempts virtually stopped and have been below 50/day for the past few days. And, best of all, it didn’t break any of my site functionality and I didn’t notice any performance degradation.

    I also like the ability to view the log which lists the country and city of the hack attempts, and also to view all the IP’s that are blocked, along with their geographic location as well. My only suggestion is to add a feature where you can block an entire country – maybe in the next version? Otherwise – great job on this plugin guys!

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