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    I originally left a 1 star review for Gutenberg. While I believe that was an accurate representation of my current ability and understanding of the changes I have since adapted, learned and think its manageable at this point. I am not one to avoid the inevitable and am able to do everything i could do before. With more steps however.

    I do think there are many flaws with it. Especially for those who do know how to write code.. I think its not ready. But it has a lot of potential.

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    • This topic was modified 4 months, 2 weeks ago by  portalp.
    • This topic was modified 4 months, 2 weeks ago by  portalp.
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  • But disabling/removing it should absolutely be a SIMPLE option.

    Have you tested using the Classic Editor plugin as a way of disabling/removing Gutenberg on your clients sites?

    Do you feel that is not simple? How you would you see this being made simple enough to meet your needs?

    @buzztone since when is installing an additional plugin the simplest option?

    What happened to adding a radio button within the new “feature”?

    And if we go not even that far back in time, new features were always optional instead of on by default…


    They are defending their product and hard work. Do not berate them for this. Our concerns are valid but not a deal breaker.. We will still use WordPress…

    I left my review and thoughts and will leave it at that. This is not going to be easy transition for anybody. They are just doing what they think is best for their product and they have a right to defend it and they also have a right to be “tired” of defending it. Dont beat a dead horse mate. They will continue to work hard for the community as they always have. Look whats happening around.. Chaos.. Support them and do not judge their response beyond your own review. The world isnt going to end for any of us. We will adapt, innovate and improve.

    I appreciate you pieter. But I appreciate them also. As should you.

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    Actually I wasn’t defending Gutenberg, though I have contributed to the project in a small way.

    In this case I was just trying get your opinion (not others) on the simpleness or otherwise of the Classic Editor.

    The Gutenberg team, I know, is keen for the opt out of Gutenberg to be both simple & effective.

    My question was do YOU think the opt out option is simple. If not what would you like to see to make it easier – hopefully bearing in mind that the alternative way i.e. opt in will almost certainly not be used in this case.

    Hi @portalp I’m just chiming in because you addressed me instead of @senlin
    Another Pieter 😉

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