• Hi

    I can see you’ve put a lot of work into this widget but at the moemnet it only partially works.

    As far as I can see it adds two separate widgets in the WordPress widgets window
    (1) Links
    (2) LinkView

    (1) Links works fine but the links are separated by a line and a gap that take up a lot of screen height and are not what I want.

    (2) LinkView works fine as long as you don’t assign a short code. If you do add a shortcode [linkview] or [linkview cat_filter=’Links”] for example your WordPress site freezes when it gets to draw the widget on screen. As far as I can see if you haven’t added a category then no links are displayed only the title.

    I’m confused – why are they are two widgets?
    At the moment your widget has a problem and is just limping along.
    Why don’t Jetpack create a simple widget to allow you to create a simple list of links – what’s so difficult?
    Obviously I am in a very small minority that thinks this functionality is important.

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