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  • jasonbrogdon


    The thing literally is not intuitive. Drag and Drop features are inconsistent, not well marked, you have to hoover and play hide-and-seek to find things.

    How WP decided to go with a still under developement editor is shocking to me? Why?

    Gutenberg still needs a lot of work before I would let any of my clients on it. The likelihood of something bad happening is high.

    If I could help you, then I would steer you AWAY from enabling Gutenberg on your site for now. It will cost you time and money.

    There are better builders out there, even the old classic builder is better than Gutenberg still. I am not being a hater, I am stating facts and other reviews prove it.

    Gutenberg is a step BACKWARDS for WordPress. You can argue that point all the way to the unemployment line, because that is where you will be if you try to use it for production sites and legit brands.

    We need a more intuitive user interface, specifically related to site structure elements like ROWS, COLUMNS, AND SECTIONS. We need Gutenberg to start using the right terminology in the first place, a column inside a column inside columns is not working. You should be using the terms “ROW” or “SECTIONS” and then “COLUMNS” within that. The way you have it makes no sense and the user interface makes working with it a horrible experience.

    Don’t use it yet, wait until they fix it or ditch it…

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