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  • Apparently this plugin once worked, but now, trying to select any and all settings returns the following error message:

    This feature only available in Improved External Products Pro

    To use the plugin as described, you must first purchase a license, which costs between $29 – $145.

    Shame. This plugin should not be allowed in the WordPress plugin directory.

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  • Plugin Author Jeremiah


    Hi Websta!

    I apologize for the confusion here. Up until about a week ago this plugin did one thing – open your external products in a new tab. It still does that. We added a bunch of features for a pro version and never added any options for the free version. I’m working now to remedy that as you were clearly confused. Rest assured though, the plugin does in fact do what it was designed to do.

    Plugin Author Jeremiah


    Oh, and if it doesn’t do what is stated in the description please let me know and I’ll help you get it fixed ASAP:

    This one-click install will make links to external or affiliate products open in a new tab. Simply install it and click activate. If you decide you don’t want the feature, just deactivate it.

    The reason we have a pro version is so that I can afford to take the time to offer you excellent customer service and support. Without it I probably would not be responding to you at all right now as I would be devoting my time to the things that pay the bills. 🙂

    Plugin Author Jeremiah


    @websta – I just pushed an update. There’s a new feature coming soon too that will be available in both this version and the pro version. Let me know if you still have troubles, and if you wouldn’t mind changing the rating that would be awesome as well. 😉

    Take care!

    Hi Jeremiah,
    I have installed the plugin into one of my affiliate site and when I clicked the product button it opened in new tab with error message.

    To test what websta mentioned above, I deactivated the plugin, then it;s opened in the same tab without any error. It SEEMED what websta claimed above is true. This plugin may only works in Pro version.

    If that is the case, I second what websta suggest that the plugin should not be in WP repository as it is now only working in premium version.

    What say you?


    Plugin Author Jeremiah


    Hi newb2brocks!

    Can you please open a support ticket for this? When you do, can you post a link to your site with the plugin activated so I can see what you’re looking at? The plugin should work (you may notice it has over 1000 active users) and if you’re getting an error, it simply needs resolved.

    Plugin Author Jeremiah


    I think I should also point out that it is poor practice to give a plugin a low rating and call for it’s removal without even opening a support ticket.

    If something doesn’t seem right, please ask for help instead of calling for the plugin’s removal and giving it one-star ratings. If you have gone through proper support channels and it’s still not working as it should, then you can give a one-star rating and recommend that the plugin be removed.

    Dear Jeremiah,

    I am so sorry if my post was not appropriate.

    I would say the plugin is great as a lot of affiliates would benefit from it.

    I have deleted the plugin from the site, clear cached and re-installed it. Now it’s working.

    My apology for the inconveniences.

    I rate this plugin with 4****. I would rate it 5***** if the pro is more affordable for people like me.

    Plugin Author Jeremiah


    No problem, I just want to make sure I actually have a chance to help you fix your problem. It’s not good for any of us if we just assume things are broken and do not try to fix them. 🙂

    Enjoy the plugin and let me know if you need anything!



    I would definitely keep following up your pro version before I decide to upgrade.

    Thanks again.


    Hi Jeremiah,

    I have bought the pro plugin yesterday and I encountered some issues i.e not redirected to new tab.
    I have sent you a ticket yesterday but has not received any reply.

    Please assist.


    Andrew Nevins


    WCLDN 2018 Contributor | Volunteer support

    Please note that the author is not allowed to support their commercial services here, so let’s not put them in an awkward position.

    Plugin Author Jeremiah


    Andrew is correct – thank you Andrew! I have replied through our support system. Sorry, just took yesterday off work. 🙂

    The free version does what it needs to do, open in a new tab.

    Yo Jeremiah,

    This plugin is what I’m looking for but upon activation, it only works on single product pages. Is this how its meant to be or?

    It would be nice if it would open a tab from the archives and categories as well – but it seems like it’s a function you have to pay for or?

    Thanks for clarifying

    Plugin Author Jeremiah


    Thank you for your question! Yes, the free version only works for single product pages. The category page features are very support intensive due to the unpredictability of various WooCommerce themes so those features are paid. Hopefully that makes sense!

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