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  • cullencarstens


    I am trying to place the join shortcode for a room on a slider revolution.

    However, the button keeps showing the an error:

    This user does not have permission to display any rooms in a shortcode or widget.

    I have modified permissions for Anonymous and Subscriber for edit_bbb_rooms

    Any help would be appreciated.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Not sure about this one, have you also tryed the other permissions like “read_bbb_room”?

    I have the same problem.

    When I use this as a widget in my sidebar, everything works fine.

    But when I use the shortcode with the exacttoken on a normal page, it gives me the same error as shown in the thread title.

    I am an admin, so I should have all permissions.

    How can I fix this?

    hmm i just checked, works for me 🙁 can you post your code here? i remember vaguely that i run through this error but can not remember how i fixed it…

    I just used [bigbluebutton token=”z74658″]…
    I don’t have the exact number behind the z in the token, but I just copied the token from the room overview page.

    everything seems to be correct then, sorry i cant help 🙁 maybe something is wrong with thepermissions even if you should have all capabilitys, but its hard to say… maybe you can check with user role editor?

    I have alread check with user role editor, seems fine.
    We have a plugin that forces users to log in to see any page. Maybe a conflict with this?
    Although it’s strange because it works fine in the widget…
    I’ll try my best and keep you updated whenever I have success.

    Best regards and stay healthy!

    ah, i remember now, for me it was a custom created user who was logged in but could not see the rooms, once i gave him permission everythign worked… So thats not very helpfull for your problem tho 🙁 trying to deactivate all other plugins for testing might be a good idea tho



    Any news? Having the same problem with not registered users to join a room. Gave “all permissions related to bbb-” through plugin could not manage it to give them access without having an account within WordPress.
    Any new Ideas?



    Wow that was a tough one!
    Finally found the problem and a at least temporally solution.
    For my site it was an interference with another plugin: Defender Pro
    There for security reasons I use the mask login area. Because of this the plugin did not find the right path to open the meeting room. After disable of this feature things are working as wanted. Using the Members-Plugin to control user rights.

    So posting primarily for reference.
    Maybe someone reading this has an idea how to change the bigbluebutton plugin so that it gets the right path even when the wp-admin does not work…

    Having the same problem. Widget plugin works, but shortcode with token does not. Same error message. Not using Defender Pro – but Wordfence and Restrict Content Pro.

    Logged in as Admin.

    Anybody made any progress?

    Hi guys,

    I didn’t solve the problem, but I used a workaround that fits perfectly so I can use the shortcode on any page.

    I just took the option to use a widget (where it works) and put this widget into a sidebar that I optimized with some CSS stuff to stick under my normal content. That was the only way to get the shortcode to work the way I want at the moment, unfortunately I don’t see there’s a simpler way of doing it.

    Anyway it would be cool if there’s a solution in general.

    Best regards

    Hi this is still very much an issue for me. It works on some of my multisites but not others. All permissions are the same.

    I would love for this to be fixed. Thanks

    Edit: This is a bug. Could the devs replace the following:
    if ( ! user_can( $author, ‘edit_bbb_rooms’ ) ) {

    if ( ! user_can( $author, ‘read_bbb_room’ ) ) {


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