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  • Pat K


    This used to be one of my go-to plugins. I’m totally ok with developers adding functionality and offering said functions as a “PRO” offering. I think it’s super uncool for a developer to take standard functionality in an existing plugin and put those functions behind a pay wall. I’m referring specifically to the “exclude” parameter. What a drag. I’m particularly annoyed in part because the last version of this plugin also made structural changes (the automated heading went from an h2 to an h3 level heading) broke bullet layout in some core WordPress themes (in my case, Twenty Fourteen) AND is overwriting the the parent theme styles for bullet layout in every theme I’ve come across (removing all indenting). Unfortunately, I didn’t realize the removal of the “exclude” shortcode parameter until AFTER I had implemented fixes for these other issues. Sadly, I can no longer use or recommend this plugin.

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  • Plugin Author David Gwyer


    The recent changes weren’t taken lightly. They were necessary to keep the plugin actively maintained for the foreseeable future.

    You can read more about them here:

    For anyone else reading this, I feel it’s important to point out, that in the last release we actually ADDED some features that were previously only available in the pro version. It was definitely not the case where we just moved features from free to pro as the above post indicates.

    We added features from the pro version to the free version to balance out changes. It was more a restructuring process than merely harvesting a feature we thought would work better in pro. We value our plugin users and added some pro features to the free version as a thank you for their continued support.

    I understand the recent changes might have been frustrating but just because a particular feature that YOU were using isn’t available for free anymore it doesn’t mean the plugin is suddenly useless. Far from it.

    There are more features overall in the free version than ever before. And the free version stands up very well as a stand-alone product. Please also bear in mind that the plugin has had 100’s of hours of work invested in it which has to be accounted for somehow.

    If this is one of your ‘go-to’ plugins then I’m assuming you have used it on multiple sites, over an extended period of time? Were any of these sites commercial or for clients? If so then it’s a great opportunity to support plugin developers for their hard work by purchasing the pro version to use on commercial/client sites.

    The reality is that if we didn’t make the restructuring changes is then the plugin would be in danger of disappearing. And the free plugin you’ve relied on would not be actively maintained anymore.

    Anyway, you can always install the previous version of the plugin if that’s the version containing everything you want. That version will, of course, be free forever.

    As for the other changes, I’d be happy to take a look at them. Probably best to open a separate support thread for that.

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