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    The poll is _HUGE_ (it takes up a 1/4 of the screen with redundant information (why is there a button and then a giant blue box right below it that says the same thing as the button?)

    You can’t create polls within your site, you have to go and make them on their site then copy/paste the code into the editor.

    There is absolutely _no_ customization other than poll questions. The button color scheme is atrocious. And again, it takes up WAY too much space. I had two questions in my poll and it took up nearly 1/4 of the screen.

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  • Hi,

    Although not favorable, thanks for your feedback.

    First, we’re doing our best so that the poll will be as flexible as possible, however some of the things might take a while due to time restraints.

    Specifically to your feedback:

    1) Size of the poll – we now allow you to set the width of the poll (400-620 pxl). We soon plan to support multiple-sided polls which will have smaller dimensions. This poll is indeed planned to be quite big since it’s a head-to-head poll. Regarding the duplicate information – can you be more specific (the buttons are for voting, the box below shows the results)? In any case, we’ll take your feedback into consideration and discuss it with our UI/UX guy.

    2) Creating polls from inside WordPress – this is a feature we decided to postpone for now so we can concentrate more on improving the poll, but it’s on our road-map

    3) Customization – we are working to add more customization options. Specifically per your request in ~2 weeks we’ll support changing the color scheme. What other customization options are high priority for you?

    Thanks –
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    How long will it take for the “Creating polls from inside WordPress” feature to be ready for use?

    Thank you!

    Hi Drenav,

    We’re currently focused on perfecting the core service on our site (we still have a way to go). After we feel we’ve got that done, we’ll start focusing on perfecting the plugin. Please feel free to contact me directly on any question:

    Thanks – Assaf

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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