• The poll is _HUGE_ (it takes up a 1/4 of the screen with redundant information (why is there a button and then a giant blue box right below it that says the same thing as the button?)

    You can’t create polls within your site, you have to go and make them on their site then copy/paste the code into the editor.

    There is absolutely _no_ customization other than poll questions. The button color scheme is atrocious. And again, it takes up WAY too much space. I had two questions in my poll and it took up nearly 1/4 of the screen.

    There’s an upgrade option to customize, but you have to email them, which is bizarre for a web service.

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  • Hi danetidwell,

    Since you reviewed us, we have made a lot of additions to our service, including the following ones you referred to:

    1) You now have different types of polls to choose from. You can set their widths so that the polls take less space on your site (according to your preference). You can also set the height of the poll to some extent by deciding which features (sharing bar, filter bar, etc) are displayed and which are not and by adding padding

    2) We added different themes to choose from (in free version), and you can also create your own custom theme (pro version)

    3) We added a LOT of new settings and features (let us know if there are things that are still missing that you need)

    Since you reviewed us early on, would be great if you can review us again. If you do, I’d be happy to offer you a free pro account (just email me your profile on the site) in exchange for feedback on how we can get better.

    I’d also be happy to personally assist you to do my best to verify you are satisfied with our product.

    Customer satisfaction @ opinion Stage

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