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  • I don’t think plugin authors are focused for this task.
    if you do not want to lose your google merchant / ads account ( which will get a lot harder to create in future ) stay away from this plugin..

    nothing works properly.
    there is no fields match. google requirements and woocommerce fields can not match together. ( imagine my products are all in variants by size, attribute name “size” and this plugin didn’t see it )

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  • Plugin Support B C. a11n


    Hi @fbazaarnet,

    Thanks for taking time to review the plugin. I went through your review and I believe you had difficulties getting it to work on your site.

    However, the plugin is working for other users and from our own test sites. So, I wanted to reach out and see if we could get it fixed.

    I know that you didn’t respond directly to the open ticket and left a review instead. If you’ve decided that you don’t want to work through this any further, I totally understand. If that’s the case, please just ignore this reply. Otherwise, could you let me know if you tried the suggestion from the support topic?

    Once I have a bit more information, I’m happy to help get everything resolved for you.

    PS: Please reply to the support ticket too.

    Thread Starter fbazaarnet


    I lost my google merchant account becuase of this,
    communication to google, reviews, things to do, it took 1 month of my work hours and hundreds of eurs loss of sales…

    please, please retract this plugin, do it properly and then publish again.
    you are causing huge trouble to online sellers, damaging business..

    maybe intention is not bad, but you failed on this task

    Plugin Support Mirko P. woo-hc


    Hi @fbazaarnet,

    I understand your situation but this is not the case for all other users. So, we’d need to check your specific setup and see what’s causing trouble. Please open a new topic ( if the issue is still unresolved and we’ll be happy to take a closer look.


    Thread Starter fbazaarnet


    Dear authors
    Isnt the problem obvious ? Can you please focus on the errors or problems people write here ? Classify them you will see only a few but huge holes.
    I used to love Google, ( i started hate during this suspension period i saw the dark side of them ) yet i still love woocommerce, we expect a proper working solution from “official” providers.

    My merchant center account got suspended and i saw some similar issues, we, while setting up plugin, can not match or provide google all of google’s required fields and once we send hundreds of product to over dosens of countries with missing requirements ( thanks to this plugin doesnt let us set up correctly ) it ends up policy violations account suspensions, too soon, sooner than you expect.

    Setup issues i am not going there, i know you try hard there, but a lot of people selling stuff by using woocommerce, a lot of different kind of stores, google is strict about its policies and data they demand, you are failing to provide this … this is it … thats why this plugin is not ready for production, retract it please and find solutions for variety of use cases schenarios vs googles strict demands.

    There are other plugins out there successfully does that, you the service providers, the main guys are far from that …

    Thank you for listening.

    Plugin Support Mike a11n


    Hi @fbazaarnet,

    Thank you for voicing your concerns regarding this plugin – there are many plugins that can help with Google Listings, and Ads. If a different one works for you then please by all means use that one 🙂

    You are correct that we do try hard to make sure things work, however there are several things that are out of our control; Google ultimately controls what is allowed to be passed and what is not, and how setup is dictated to connect to the Merchant Center, etc. While we have some leeway, ultimately the items are up to Google.

    Again, if other plugins do work for you, then by all means please go use those plugins – this is a free plugin that is offered to work with Google, and it is not always a perfect fit for everyone. That said, we do take this feedback seriously, so thank you for providing it!

    Take care, and we hope that you do find a solution that works for you.

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