This theme has weird stuff and I cant decode it either (4 posts)

  1. dacheatcodes
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    I purchased a theme from a premium themes site and I like the theme pretty much -- it's just their functions.php and footer.php are encoded and I can't work around it much.

    When buying the theme, it said that it was not encoded and it would be easy to edit -- that is not the case.

    Can someone please help decode it for me? I tried the Base64 decode and once their, it's still encoded and I don't know what else to do. Here are my codes:

    Footer.php encoded:


    Functions.php encoded:


    I need these files decoded for:

    1. Security. How do I know what's going in in those files??
    2. I need to change a few mark ups with the authors designed to a few words such as "COPYRIGHT" I need to change to "Copyright".
    3. I don't like having an encoded theme...its odd.

    Thank you

  2. dacheatcodes
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  3. whooami
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  4. gariben
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    that must the One-Theme or maybe there are others out there

    I think they are the only one that has encoding.

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