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  • I’m working for someone, making some customizations to ‘2010 weaver’ because he likes it as a jumping off point and doesn’t want to spend the money to do something custom.

    I was just going to make some changes in the header area and when I went to debug for IE, the site title and description don’t even show up! I thought maybe it was my error so I activated an untouched copy of the theme and it’s the same deal!


    What a piece of junk.

    Anyone else have this problem?

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  • 2010 Weaver does not work properly with IE 6. Apparently a few features don’t work quite right with IE 7, but everything works with IE 8. The issue in question involves placing the header over the header image. This is the first report of that issue, and I will see if there that can be fixed.

    I guess most users have given up on the attack vulnerable IE7 by now.

    I hope that Weaver has fixed this issue, or at least made a compromise part-adjustment. When I learned HTML back in 2005, we were taught to be backward-compatible. The “Tan Hack” usually did this. I don’t expect my pages to look pristine in old browsers, but I do hope them to be presentable.

    As for Opera etc. never mind! I figure anyone using an obscure browser has got to be accustomed to every other site looking a mess. But I do sympathize with people all over the world using old systems etc. who often do not bother keeping up with the latest IE or Firefox. So I hope you will make some effort even when the old browser is deemed yet another Microsoft fiasco.

    I understand that Weaver is an outstanding, advanced and complex template. I intend to customize Weaver a bit and use it for everything. Otherwise I would not bother to say anything here. All I am saying is, keep on hackin’!

    @andrewapeterson2 : What a silly attitude you have. Remember that You did not pay a cent for this great theme (fix me if I am wrong) and that someone that totally ignored your existence until now gave you such a gift. Please, be polite instead of talking about junk.

    @krystofo : To keep in balance I say : I do care about Opera 🙂
    and do not care about old systems not updated for years – they have to get used to broken pages more and more 🙂 .

    @wpweaver : thank You. Right now I am trying to understand how it works. It helped me to sort out the problem about 3 column layout and as I can see there are many more possibilities. If I will use it finally for our willage home page I’ll donate for sure. Bye.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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