• Do not buy anything from this developer or company. It simply sucks! Any positive review is probably fake.

    All the products cannot work. And they asked and tell you stupid things in their support.

    Is there any negative stars to be given? Like -44 stars instead of 1 star? I would like to give 1 million s***

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    Their plugins should be delisted from WordPress. I want a refund. Last time I bought their plugin and it could not work but I just left it at that.

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    WordPress should remove them so that they don’t continue to scam and cheat people of their lousy and faulty plugins.

    Plugin Author Tareq Hasan


    Hey @coolprince,

    Is there anything you could clarify? It’s impossible to know why you are angry. Let me understand the problem you are having and will try to solve it if possible.


    Hello @coolprince,

    At weDevs, customer support stands with the highest priority. We always try our best to reply our customers’ questions within 24 hours. When our customers find any bug in our plugin, we fix it on the fly and provide them the solution as soon as possible. Even if our customers face problems that are not present in our plugin, we fix it because we value our customers’ demand.

    You have mentioned in your second review, that you have purchased our plugin. If you had purchased our plugin, and it didn’t work for you, please let me know, why have not you asked for the refund?

    Next, you have claimed that our plugin is lousy and faulty. If it is a bug I hope you have created a ticket at support@wedevs.com or you have asked questions via live chat. I am afraid, nowhere I have found any client while searching for the username you have used here.

    I couldn’t find any account on our site while searching using the username you used here. Therefore, it is confirmed that you have not created an account and may not have created any support ticket also. If you have please share with us your account’s username so that I can help you out.

    If you have not asked for any support from us, I am not sure how could you be so sure that it contains bugs and we cheat. Our plugins have been on WordPress for longer than 10 years. We have many old clients, who are still using our plugins and also have reviewed with five stars, which you claim to be fake without creating a single ticket.
    I would love to know how can you be so sure about your statements without contacting us in any way.

    If you had wanted our help, I guess the experience would be much better than those you have shared here.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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