• so far wordpress sucks. I have spent all day trying to make a template work. Tried to find a way to add pictures and create my blog but with literally now success. I have used other software before and it was a lot easier than this. Set it up with Godaddy to do self hosting but now am thinking of looking else where as this is ridiculous.
    I would like photo clip art on my blog but there isn’t any included and I tryed to down load the sites suggested on wordpress forum.
    This is so frustrating.

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  • I am assuming you succeded in installing the basic WP-site.

    Go into the dashboard:
    example: ‘http://www.mydomain.com/wp-admin’
    Enter the username and password you entered at the installation.
    == == ==
    Open any ‘post’:

    1. Dashbord > All Posts > click a post you made or ‘hello world!’-post’
    2. This post opens in the Edit Post screen.
    3. To add text: Type / paste text into the box, like you would with any CMS / Document.
    4. To add an image:
      Press the ‘add media’-button [below the post-title-field]
    5. The ínsert media-screen opens
    6. [if you see the image you want to add to the post]
      Click ‘Upload Files’ [top left]
    7. ‘Drag and Drop’ image files from your PC onto the screen that opens; OR click the ‘select files’-button, select the folder and files you’d like to upload to the media-library
    8. The ‘Insert Media’-screen opens again
    9. Click the image you want to add to the post. A ‘tick’ shows in the corner of the image
    10. In the sidebar to the right:
      > select the size for your image and how you’d like to align the image
    11. When done: Press ‘Insert Image into Post’-button
    12. Your ‘Edit Post’-screen re-appears.
    13. Happy? Update the post [button]
    14. More editing? Click image > click ‘landscape-icon’ and edit the image.
    15. Save changes
    16. Update the post
    17. Check the result in your browser

    You can also add a Gallery to your post/page using the Add Media button right above the editing box. When you click on the button there’s a menu item “Create Gallery” on the left that you can use to select the images you want and how you would like them displayed.

    Note: you will first have to upload whatever “clip art” or photos you would like to use. That’s done using the Media menu that is listed on the left, and then selecting “Add New”. You can either select files from your computer or simply drag and drop them to the upload area. Once they are in your media library, you can use them most anywhere on your site.

    Keep asking if you have more questions!!!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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