• Ok, it took me a little while to get used to working with this. But…. totally worth it! I can’t remember the last time I left a review, but then again…. Not that many plugins are what I’d consider life-changing.

    A tiny bit of background:
    I design sites for myself and for clients. These sites have multiple plugins. Often we have 3rd party systems embedded (Clickfunnels, RightMessage, blah blah blah) for analytics, popups, support, and more…. I often use Divi as the theme, and while I love Divi, it’s kind of bloated.

    I was getting desperate when my largest clients were having their sites come to a crawl… Even using the admin section was a nightmare.

    Plugin optimizer (with a little bit of setup / trial&error) made the admin side of things load *instantly*. I was shocked! Sites that I dreaded working on, all of a sudden were fun to work on. It was like working on a clean install of WordPress… Because… Come on, do you really need WooCommerce and 90 other plugins to load while you are adding a new plugin, adding a theme, or changing the setting on your SMTP plugin?

    On the front end this made sites sing with joy as well… Because those above mentioned 90 plugins do not need to load on the about page, or the contact page, or countless others. They are just needed for specific pages, but.. WP loads them up on *every* page….

    So… yeah– if you’re a bit of a plugin slut, like me, and your sites are suffering for it…. Then you need to try this plugin.

    It’s still early in its development, so the workflow could be better… but it’s totally worth it…. And I reached out to the developers— They are working very hard to add automation and simplicity to it.

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  • Plugin Author pluginoptimizer


    Thanks for taking time to review our plugin and the for the kind feedback. We are always glad to see early adopters and are working hard to implement some of your suggestions. Keep them coming.

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