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  • burgerlad



    I hope someone can help me as GoDaddy have been hopeless so far (yes I know they are not great!).

    OK, many years ago I purchased my domain which was/is via Google/Gsuite but happens to be GoDaddy (re-seller account?).

    After a disaster with my previous host (friend of a friend) managed to lose 18 months of content on my site after a crash I paniced and went with Godaddy.

    Tuesday last week, my site was down. For a good 30-60 mins so I chatted to one of their agents.

    There was some sort of error where IP/DNS settings needed changing (despite site working fine for last 2 years). So agent updated them and site was back online.

    Since then, I keep getting a “This site can’t be reached” screen before getting to WP-Admin or sometimes on the site itself (this is not a browser issue as multiple people on devices have replicated it) and DownNotifier is sending me emails pretty much 2-3 an hour (100 now since changes Tuesday).

    I don’t know what to do anymore… GoDaddy “can’t replicate the issue” so basically a) don’t know and b) don’t care.

    I’ve looked at php.config but really don’t know what I am doing there. DNS tools & checks all seem to match. One agent said :

    Thank you for the code, it seems that your domain is in reseller account, due to which it is pointing to google API, you could contact our reseller customer team to move your domain to your godaddy account, which will move the DNS servers to your godaddy.  

    Let me share you our reseller customer’s support number, they would be able to move the domain to your godaddy account, once the domain is moved, it will configure the website with your domain automatically, and there are less chances of your website going down as it is already using godaddy nameservers.  

    Of course, phoned them and they didn’t help or move it. I access domain still via Gsuite but website maintenance via GoDaddy. I can see the domain is linked but can’t actually change domain in GoDaddy (something not linked?).

    I don’t know what else to do and wondered if anyone could help me please?

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  • JNashHawkins


    Gsuite? I think that’s just email and related services.

    Are you talking about the Burgerlad domain?

    The looks to be registered via GoDaddy… maybe a reseller of theirs.

    The DNS looks fine and seems to be on a GoDaddy DNS.

    The web host is a GoDaddy host and appears to be located at their Arizona NOC.

    The site loads just fine from here in Virginia.

    You’re in the UK… do you think that might be part of the problem? That’s not as big a problem nowadays but still worth considering.

    A call to Google might be a good idea to see what they might be providing you… I think it’s just the email services.

    The downtimes on the website are probably web host-related and that appears to be all GoDaddy.

    Your site loads and runs just fine when it does load… stay out of the PHP.ini for now.

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