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  • I was really hoping for more here.

    There is no need for a plugin in this case since everything is hosted on another site an just links you away from WordPress. No doubt this was done to generate more business from a different crowd.

    I’m all for SiteSell trying to re-invent themselves and get in front of a new audience for new business, but it was as if a shortcut was taken here.

    I would also like to piggyback on SoCal’s comment/review and would love to see sitesell address what has changed in the guide? Since we learned they did a lot of “Find and Replace” with regards to the content in the guide, is this just the same sbi product with a new name?

    What has been improved with the traffic help to make this worth $150/yr when there are much cheaper tools out here? I think providing information is great but it’s overshadowed by the fact that this is not really much of a plugin. I sort of feel cheated.

    Also do your tips still work in the post panda/penguin times we live in? I think that is the big question many of us are waiting for Ken Evoy to address. I don’t see much evidence that you’ve changed your approach to teaching how to create an online business?

    Granted all sites have been impacted by Penguin/Panda regardless of where they are hosted… not just sbi people, but the difference is this product comes with very big claims and a very big price. Can bizxpress really live up to these claims in 2014?

    Please SiteSell, what have you changed because I think many of us know a lot of the old tactics don’t work as well anymore? And after socal’s discovery, I’m really skeptical. I think this will give you a great opportunity to sell us on your product and address the many skeptics here.

    Also, I don’t buy the explanation of housing the data on your servers so we don’t have to update the plugin. As WordPress users, that is what we’ve come to expect. It only takes 2 seconds to update a plugin.

    If this was your attempt at a comeback, I think you may have done more harm than good but hopefully you’ll take this constructive criticism to heart. I don’t mean to be cruel. I was just disappointed. I hope there are big updates planned for this so-called plugin!!

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  • “Also do your tips still work in the post panda/penguin times we live in?”

    It’s worked pretty well for me. I was hit by Penguin (huge traffic losses). Sitesell folks provided a report on how to fix the traffic loss – traffic loss fixed + much more traffic than when I started.

    Just using the bare bones information on the action guide I was able to create a site with 1400 unique visitors a day. I’ve only just started though, so I’m hoping to crank that out to a considerably larger crowd, but I’m sure you get the idea.

    YES – the core business-concepts are still relevant today. I’d say they’re even more relevant, as with considerably more information available to us it’s easier than ever to get distracted.

    There are probably some more advanced techniques that they’re missing out on, but I’ve noticed more articles going up in that area + you still have all you need to make thousands of dollars a month with their current information.

    Also, as far as “cheaper tools”, not sure what you’re referring to there. Other tools such as SEM rush are $50+ a month. You can get some cheap ones for only $30+/month, but that’s still a ton.

    I know there are some free ones out there, but I’ve found them considerably lacking.

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