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    This is an excellent plugin that is clearly going to add great functionality.

    But this version loaded here is totally non-functioning. In other words, it’s just the demo – and you cannot actually add any content into your pages with this. The so-called documentation only explains how to use the demo, and the reference to ‘shortcodes’ is not in the normal sense you would understand them with a plugin – the demo is using its own ‘shortcodes’ after you select what type of content to add to your grid sections, but doesn’t actually insert anything into your page.

    Please, this is extremely irritating for serious website developers looking for plugin solutions to have this ‘light’ version presented as if it was fully functional in this ‘light’ format, when in fact it is totally non-functioning.

    Perhaps this should be withdrawn from WordPress plugins until such time as it actually adds some real actual functionality.

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    Thanks for the feedback.

    The content items or the shortcodes are available only in the OTW Grid Manager Light for the light version. In the full version they will be available as shortocdes, in your page content editor, as widgets and you will practically be able to insert them anywhere. I will update the texts for the light version to avoid confusion.

    What you can do with the light version is create a custom layout under your page content editor with the OTW Grid Manager Light and then fill that layout with any of the available content items/shortcodes.


    “The content items or the shortcodes are available only in the OTW Grid Manager Light”

    What does this actually mean? It means that you can be misled into thinking that working for an hour on producing a rich grid full of content is actually going to produce something on the page, when in fact, saving the page then means you lose all the information. Worse, you don’t really know at that stage what went wrong, and so you do it all over again, only to find the same thing happens.

    Plugins are not mean to work like this, i.e. they are not meant to NOT WORK. They are meant to work, as they appear to intend to work.

    This is just an Admin area demo, and that should be very clearly stated. Of course, this is a very exciting plugin that I would be happy to even pay for (as long as it isn’t a ridiculous price). Just saying….

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    I will try to clear this because I think there is some kind of misunderstanding here.

    Once you install the light version of the plugin you can Add New Page. Under the page content editor you will find a metabox called “OTW Grid Manager Light”. This tool will allow you to create a grid layout of your own (rows and columns). Once your layout is created you can add content items to your columns. The whole layout will be placed right after the content of your page content editor.

    Content items in the full version will be also available as shortcodes and widgets so you will be able to insert them anywhere in your site. In the light version of the plugin you can insert them only in a layout created by the OTW Grid Manager Light which as I mentioned will be displayed right after the page content editor of your page.

    I hope I was able to help 🙂



    Many thanks for your patience in trying to solve this issue. I notice now that when I reinstalled the plugin, but without any content added, the test page I had running had text from the previous test showing on the page, even while nothing appeared on the WordPress edit page inside the OTW Grid Manager Light.

    Of course, I followed all of the instructions that you gave above when I first installed the plugin, exactly as you wrote them, but nothing was showing in the page. In fact, I tried it three times.

    Perhaps there is a conflict with my theme…

    Anyhow, thanks again for trying to resolve this. I’ll write again if I get it working properly.

    Okay – I think I know where the misunderstanding is coming from. When I create the rows and columns with Grid Manager and then save, the actual text disappears from the Page editing screen in the WordPress Admin – BUT, here’s the thing, it DOES appear on the page.

    This is at least some way to solving my problem, but I will have to test. And the problem of being able to edit the text later remains.


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