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  • I am eliminating the list tags in my menus. So far everything has gone smoothly except for this line:
    php get_archives(‘monthly’, “”, “<br>”);
    (php tags on each end removed)
    This works, but it doesn’t add line breaks so it shows the links all clumped together without breaking the line after each link making it look like this:
    January 2004 April 2003 March 2003 February 2003 January 2003 November 2002 October 2002 September 2002 August 2002 July 2002 May 2002 April 2001
    The links do work though.
    If it isn’t obvious I have no idea what I am doing (like why putting an extra ” makes it work and removing ” makes it disappear).
    I’m sure it is something simple.

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  • Why don’t you just style your lists?
    <cpre>ul#nav ul{
    ul#nav li{
    padding:.2em 0;

    Because although it may be the incorrect way list tags seem to be more trouble than they are worth and they are appearing unpredictably in Konqueror but not in IE. Taking the list tags out seems to be a much cleaner way (for me) of working with my lists.

    well, upgrading might become more of a headache…
    i dont seem to haev any problem using CSS in all these browsers.
    but thats my experience…

    My archive list is doing the same thing. I also went through and took out all the list tags. I hate them. Ew! But I cannot figure out how to get my archives to show on separate lines either. It’s very frustrating.

    get_archives(‘postbypost’, 1000, ”, ‘<br/>’);
    This worked with a postby post menu. I’ll try it with the monthly.

    Here ya go.
    php get_archives(‘monthly’, ”, ”, ‘<br>’);
    This works–no list tags.

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