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  • you have succesfully uglified hemmingway

    the colors don’t work
    it was a really slow load
    the text is too big

    i disagree with resiny… partly.

    i think the colors are “okay” – maybe a little tweaking here and there.
    i had no problems with the load time… on a cable modem with a 2 year old computer it loaded perfectly fine. not sure about others.
    and yeah, the text is a little too big. i’m not fond of the BRIGHT WHITE links, either.

    however i wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s uglified… just in need of some more tweaking.

    I agree w/ ladydelaluna

    I kinda like it. 🙂 Only thing I’d suggest, from my opinion, is that the fonts could be a bit smaller.

    “you have succesfully uglified hemmingway”

    That is hilarious. resiny, I can only aspire. That is all I can do…

    I try to be honest…

    I figure I’m doing people a disservice if I lie to them about how their design looks

    I’d make the search bar smaller, give it a size 11 or so, or rearrange the header so it wraps around it or something.

    I’d prefer a side bar in it for all your links, it makes it easier to navigate as it fills up.

    Its decent though, nice enough colour, but not seen them on a ordinary screen.

    If it validates, it will be a fair blog. but I never tested that out or the Css.

    I like it except for the colors. I’m not partial to browns. I’m a blues man. Good job.

    Check out the update. The old color scheme. I’m still in the tweaking stage.

    resiny — I have no problem with honesty that’s why I put it up here but I do have to take into consideration where it’s coming from. I mean, looking at you blog, c’mon.

    that’s better. I like the header

    when you ask for feedback and get it – it doesn’t mean that all the posters asked you to post here your opinion about their websites.
    Whoever is asking for feedback about their website… should learn first some humility to be able to swallow whatever is said about their design. Period.
    And, please, try to avoid personal remarks.

    WARNING: This is is not an issue for debate! Don’t even try. [I am known as being quick with the delete button]

    I also like this latest version better 🙂

    Point taken. It wasn’t meant to be a personal attack. I was just ribbing resiny and I am honestly open to criticism all around.

    Thanks everyone for their comments.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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