• I have installed this plugin and then I subscribed to the Cloudflare APO offer. This saved me a lot of money and energy because normally without cloudflare APO, i would have been forced to move my website from germany to the USA.
    So, now everything is working like a charm Javascript minification. I have only 1 JS file left for my entire wordpress installation.
    The cookies are still there and it returns the right ones. I don’t know how they succeed in this black magic.

    this plugin is better than super cache for cloudflare because when you use super cache for cloudflare, cookies are stripped from http headers. Also, when you are logged in APO still caches it while super cache for cloudflare bypass it.

    You don’t need to use cloudflare rules along with this plugin. If you activate APO, cloudflare applies all the settings for you. you don’t need touch anything.

    so from what I understand, you must only use the features from cloudflare like minification and cache from cloudflare. Uninstall wp super cache or any other cache and uninstall autoptimize. Let cloudflare manage the minification and cache of your website.

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