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  • Dear Staff,
    what happen? Why do you close today?
    Have I search for other plugin?
    I am very satisfied with yours and I do not understand what is happening

    please inform me asap.


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  • I have forked the original github repo and included the vendor folder on the fork here:

    You can download as zip and install to wordpress.
    It will install to webp-express-master folder if you do not change the downloaded zip file – so you will have to deactivate the original plugin (v 0.14.4) after installing this version (v 0.14.11).

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    Thanks, @ucsendre.
    I’d been planning to, but have been putting my efforts into it reactivated here. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard from the WordPress team since Sunday, and I’m beginning to worry. You see, I have vacation coming up. I’m going to a place for four weeks with poor internet and I don’t even have a laptop to take with me. So, the clock is ticking…

    If the team does not reactivate before I’m going on vacation, I shall make sure to add the vendor folder on the webp-express repo too.

    A call out for help:

    Is there is anybody out there who can take over maintenance while I’m on vacation? Even if the plugin gets reactivated, there is a risk of it being taken down again. I shall require that you already are maintaining a plugin. Just looking for minimal maintenance: Getting the plugin reactivated.

    @ucsendre thank you for the fork. I plan to use it until issue is sorted.

    Whats the problem of the plugin? What kind of security issue is that? Please, explain it to us to have a better comprehension of the problem. Explaining the problem could be the first step you need to find new contributors.

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    Thank you so much! The plugin is back! Thanks again a lot.

    Have great time!

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    @lvfxbr There were no issues left in 0.14.11. I did not understand why I had gotten no response from WordPress since Sunday, but just before the plugin was re-activated, I got this message from them: “We’re currently experiencing significant delays in our review and ticket queues, and ask for your patience and understanding.”

    I’m not going to write in detail about any security issues in an open forum. No reason to help the black hats. In case anybody should find a problem, please contact me directly. My contact information is available here:

    The plugin is back!
    Very good news!

Viewing 7 replies - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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