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    Tracking codes will always slow down a site, because the javascript has to be loaded and executed. But this should not cause a noticeable effect.

    What performance do you measure? The stats sites are slow and WP-Piwik will also slow your site down if you enable the toolbar sparkline graph, especially if you are showing today’s values (in this case WP-Piwik does not cache). WP-Piwik has to get the stats by a REST-API (http requests to get the data), so the speed depends also on the connection between your site and Piwik. Of course in this point optimizations are possible and will be done step by step. Please notice WP-Piwik is still not finished (version no. < 1).

    If the tracking code itself is too slow for your needs, you should contact the Piwik community: – WP-Piwik just integrates the Script delivered by Piwik itself. But also this should not cause a noticeable slow down, because Piwik is using an asynchronous code.

    You can also try to use the different tracking code alternatives.

    For minimizing the page load time exactly what settings must be chosen? (In the plugin of course).
    A documentation on this will be very useful.

    Plugin Author braekling


    This depends on exactly what you want to speed up.

    If you are talking about the tracking code itself, it may be useful to switch to js/index.php – see documentation (linked on settings page):

    * js/index.php (or implicitly as “js/”) can be used to serve up the minified

    – it supports conditional-GET and Last-Modified, so piwik.js can be cached
    by the browser
    – it supports deflate/gzip compression if your web server (e.g., Apache
    without mod_deflate or mod_gzip), shrinking the data transfer to 8K

    * js/index.php (or implicitly as “js/”) can also act as a proxy to piwik.php

    If you are talking about the stats, you should disable all feature on the statistics settings page you don’t need (e.g. the toolbar graph). Default date should be yesterday and caching should be enabled. This should be the default settings, too.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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