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  • Plugin Author Joel James


    Thanks Brother 🙂

    Thank you so much writing an article too. I have read your articles before. Keep up the good work Saumya.

    You too brother. Just one thing I didn’t understand about your plugin is that you say that this plugin don’t use any jQuery and only JavaScript. What’s the extra benefit on that? WP includes jQuery anyways. Just wanna know the reason as it made me curious. Because as per as I’ve seen there is no major performance difference between a well written pure JavaScript and a well written jQuery.

    Thanks again for making the awesome plugin. 🙂 Also I’m glad that you liked my article. 🙂

    Plugin Author Joel James


    There are no performance improvements, I think. But in past, we have faced issues with few website when they try to optimise the JQuery usage. I felt like I should use pure JavaScript when it is possible. But I am open to suggestions 🙂

    No no it’s ok. I just wanted to know the reason. As I was reading your changelog yesterday and was asking myself why you made the switch. Personally I always sick with jQuery for faster and more efficient codes. I’m not saying that pure JavaScript is bad, it’s just it’s takes much lesser line of codes to do the same thing with jQuery vs JavaScript. So why write the extra lines of code (my personal opinion).

    Regarding optimising jQuery, no one should ever put the actual jQuery library with other minified file. On the other day I was having a small chat with Frank (Author of Autoptimize) and from the upcoming version (v2.1) it will by default whitelist the jQuery library to be further optimised. Other minification plugins should do the same.

    If you combine and re-minify the actual jQuery library, it’s not just your plugin that’s gonna break.

    Hiya guys; saw my name and thought I’d chime in 🙂

    I actually consider a plugin that doesn’t require/ expect jQuery to be the better choice; not every theme comes with jQuery and some people like it that way (me included). jQuery stems from a time when the differences between JS implementations in browsers were a lot bigger, this has gotten better.

    but indeed AO 2.1 will by default exclude js/jquery/jquery.js (the wp core bundled one) from optimization. mind you people will be able to remove the exclusion, but it will have to be a conscious choice.

    have a nice day!

    Yah Frank, thanks for joining in. You see jQuery gets added to most site by default as WordPress includes it. But it’s true users can exclude the jQuery with a simple call in functions.php

    But IMO JavaScript is good for very basic task or few lines of code but any complicated plugin (like slider and all) better with jQuery as the dev have to write small loc to achieve the same thing.

    Plugin Author Joel James


    Yes, jQuery is good for complicated tasks :). Like Frank mentioned, there are chances (small chance though) for conflict with few plugin/browsers if we use jQuery. But still, the good thing is that WP core includes and recommend jQuery.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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