• I’m not getting error messages, but it simply won’t work. Tried for hours. And let me get on my high horse for just a moment and rant a little. I appreciate free plugins and the effort that goes into them (and maintaining). But why go through the effort if you have virtually zero follow-up in support or maintaining?

    This dev is still around (I looked), but has abandoned this. And it is a great idea and much needed, but appears to be largely non-functioning. Perhaps it does function (and a couple people in support say it is or was), but the instructions are poorly laid out.

    Which brings me to my second and perhaps most important point of this rant/review. This dev could not have done a worse job in explaining how to set this up. I understand that if English isn’t your first language, things can be more challenging. But everything written on this plugin – top to bottom- gives little real pathway to actually having it work.

    There’s a bunch of hooks and shortcuts and, if you go the github, some additional info. But it is rambling and not linear. The installation instructions are fucking bullshit. No FAQs. No answering support…basically for years. And there isn’t that many submitted questions.

    For a plugin this potentially helpful to only have 1000 or so current installs lets you know it’s a fucking shit sandwich. And we see way too many shit sandwiches with WordPress.

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