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  • Dear John,

    I noticed on the dev page that you released a new(er) version 7 months ago, version 2.3.2 which can be downloaded there.

    Unfortunately the plugin repository is not picking up on it and is still showing the old version 2.2.13. This also means that non-one who uses your plugin has been getting an upgrade notice!

    I believe this can be (and should be) fixed by changing the stable tag in the readme.txt file in SVN Trunk for the plugin.

    Hope this works & keep up the good work !


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  • Oh… while you’re at it… I just manually upgraded and got a mysql error straight away.

    The following line needs changing:

    File: redirection/models/database.php

    Find line 194-196:
    KEY url (url),
    KEY ip (ip,id)
    KEY referrer (referrer)

    Replace with:
    KEY url (url),
    KEY ip (ip,id),
    KEY referrer (referrer)

    P.S.: sorry moderators, I wish I could post this as code, but due to the backticks *in* the code, everything gets mangled throughly….

    And while I was at it… one of my customers has moved to a server running on PHP 5.4 and I monitor the PHP error logs. I found quite a few STRICT warnings caused by this plugin and have fixed them all.

    Would love to contribute the fixes to the official plugin. Please let me know where I can send them.



    +1 as well.

    This Plugin is amazingly useful. I am however a little put off by the recent negative reviews and support posts about bugs.

    Thanks “jrf” for pointing out the newer version.

    Thank you to the developer as well. This functionality should be built into WP in future. 🙂

    John seems not very active anymore…into babies more
    Gratulations anyhow
    urbangiraffe not answering

    just don’t know

    @sith Lord Goz, @plippers, @gje

    I contacted John via an alternative method to let him know as I figured he’d want to know and he didn’t seem to have monitored the forum over the last few months.

    This was his reply:

    I don’t spend any time looking at the WP forums.

    I specifically chose not to have the latest version appear directly from – it has a lot of changes and could break things, and I didn’t want to do that when I’m not around to fix any problems.

    Sounds very reasonable and considerate to me 😉

    This way users have a choice whether to upgrade or not. Though it might be useful if we could make this post sticky so people looking for support would at least know they have that choice.

    And FYI – he’s willing to have a look at the fixes I made, so there might be a new (published) version some time soon.

    @jrf – thanks for the research & update. Totally understandable – this is a free plugin, after all!

    I see John pushed up a new version and it fixed a bunch of bugs – awesome! I think the only one I still see present is the pagination bug.

    I’m not really up to speed on how the date/update versions work. It appears that the listed date is from version 2.2.13.

    The big question I have is if 2.3.3 is compatible with WP 3.6, or if it is an update from before the latest WP update.

    Oh, and by the way… congrats to John. Any chance of passing the torch on this plugin to someone with the time to keep it up to date? It’s a great plugin with a substantial user base.

    John released an updated version but didn’t update the changelog or the ‘last updated’ date. I’ve upgraded to it on a WP 3.6 Multisite install, and it seems to work fine (albeit with the noted pagination bug still present)

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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