• for 2 years i have been running a store that has made to order products. when people order multiple made to order products, historically i have messed up/missed/overlooked more than i ever care to admit…but somehow i still have happy customers.

    now when i found this plugin on a google whim i literally did the only happy dance i have ever done in real life.

    after using it, i’d easily pay anything for this plugin. hands down the most useful plugin i have ever used.

    my sanity is night and day compared to before i used this plugin, i’ll buy another license just to support these guys and this work.

    EDIT: I’ve used this for about a year, and I hate it.

    I am writing to review, parroting the review from “vaughnjbullard” (on WPFACTORY.com)….

    I wrote in to ask support about adding a feature to split product sub orders by category, to avoid having to send customers upwards of 40 emails per order. First, the reply was a generic, ‘If you need help go to the forums’ which I replied that it was just a feature suggestion, the response was “…we suggest you hire a developer to take a look at this for you. We have had great success with the resources found on https://codeable.io/. We unfortunately do not assist with custom coding or special coding requests. ”

    Really disappointed in the support by WP Wham.

    Any other plugin developer would be thrilled to have a customer offer a suggestion to make their product more usable, but to be told to hire a developer to make YOUR product work better for me? Unexpected reply of the year goes to WP Wham.

    Good luck WP Wham.

    Anyone reading this with multiple products in their multi-order situation, your customers will be upset that their inboxes get filled with order notification emails.

    Functionally, this works if you have one or two items in your store with no variations. If you want to annoy your customers and have a loaded store with many product variations, this is a good way to do it! If you want any help, they’ll just tell you to pay someone else to fix it. 1/5 stars – willing to change my mind if both Mindy & Megan were mistaken….

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    Hi @myctysonmushrooms

    Thanks for the great review. We’re so glad you found something that works for you!

    We really appreciate the feedback.

    Thanks again,

    WP Wham

    Thread Starter myctysonmushrooms


    Hi Megan, I updated my review here and on WPFactory.

    Plugin Support MeganSupport


    Hi again @myctysonmushrooms

    Thanks for taking the time to edit your good review to a bad one. Feedback is feedback and we have to take the bad with the good. Not everyone is going to be happy with our products. It’s just one of those things.

    I stand by what I replied to you in my email:

    I’m sorry you feel that we’ve given you “bad service”. We replied to your emails quickly and gave you feedback regarding how we work and operate.

    Myc please understand that we were able to assist users in the early stages of product development, but because WP Wham has now grown rather rapidly (and is still growing) we have been doing less and less of these.

    They do take a lot longer and are rather time consuming. Our focus is keeping our users happy and providing them with efficient service and assisting with faults on products bought. We absolutley appreciate the fact that there is always room for improvement. Our lead developers are working on updates all the time.

    Our “Feature Requests” (as mentioned in my previous email) has been incredibly successful. We pay close attention to these and watch the votes very closely. If there is a suggestion on the forum that gets a lot of votes – we implement it and spend time on it.

    If we do individual coding requests – like yours – we would have to invoice you. Our consulting fees are very high and I honestly do not want you to incur huge costs for something that an entry level developer could assist you with. That’s why we suggest and highly recommend the resources at https://codeable.io to all our users who have special coding requests – to “tweek” their plugins/website.

    Myc please put in a Feature Request because your suggestion is a good one. We really would like it on the forum. You will also be able to see for yourself how your suggestion is viewed and received by other users.

    We really hope that you find a plugin and customer service team that meets your needs.

    Kind regards

    WP Wham Support Co-ordinator

    I hate “reviews” like this.

    The guy is mad because he thinks he have some brilliant idea for a new feature, and the developers didn’t drop everything to work on it? Really? Who does he think he is?

    @myctysonmushrooms the world doesn’t revolve around you. I’m sure the developers have better things to do than sit around all day waiting for your idea to arrive. Post your feature request like everyone else does, or code it yourself. Don’t just cry that you didn’t get your way.

    @megan891 I feel sorry that you had to deal with this guy. Good on you for dealing with him professionally. We (the WordPress community) are not all crazy like that. Keep up the good work!

    Plugin Support MeganSupport


    Thanks for that @jcharpentier86!!

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