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    Very nice plugin and I used it on my each wp page but This plugin is too too too much resource consuming and makes more then 45 Extra HTTP Request and adds more then 350KB Extra Size of my webpage. So, now most of the time, my site is suffering from Errors: 500, 502, 504 and 508.

    Is it possible to reduce the Size it increased of my webpage and reducing the HTTP Requests it performs which is too much?

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    Thank you for your feedback.

    But the plugin should not call the 500, 502, 504 and 508 errors.
    All extra requests are aimed to load native social scripts for displaying social buttons. If you add on a page the same social buttons without the locker, you get the same requests. These requests are to Facebook, Twitter, Goolge domains and they cannot create extra loads on your site.

    Please show me your site or even create a temporary admin user for me and send me via our contact form. I will be glad to help you to sort it out.


    OK, It was not the problem of this Plugin. But when I was testing this Plugin, I clicked on FB liked Button myself on so many pages myself, but I didn’t got any extra traffic from Facebook or G+, while Social Locker Statics is displaying that I have clicked on FB Like and G+ Button.

    Is my webpage really being SHARED or this Plugin is just increasing the Count of the Database Table to show that my content is being shared while I am not getting any traffic from these Social Sites?

    I mean, When I clicked on FB Like Button, I didn’t got any update on Facebook, nor my Likes was Increased. is my FaceBook ID. Where is my SHARED Contents on my Profile??

    No was right First. This Plugin Increases Page Size, Page Load Time and Makes too many extra requests. I have uploaded two images of gmatrix, one is representing “Social Locker’s Disabled Situation” while another is representing”Social Locker’s Enabled Situation”

    I think, it would help you to understand the Situation. Both PDF Format Status Reports are as Follows:

    Plugin Author OnePress


    Thank you for providing the reports. As you can see in the Waterfall section of your first report, there appeared new requests to: – 54kb – 12kb – 24kb – 45.7kb
    and many others

    These ones are not created with the plugin. These requests are created by the social buttons appearing on your page. Repeat the experiment, but instead the social locker plugin, use another plugin adding the same social buttons to your posts and you will get the same result.

    It’s the norm if you want to use social buttons.

    As far the second issue, a Like button doesn’t should share something on a user wall. Sometime Facebook can show some likes in a user timeline, but it never shows all the Likes. A user’s friends can see his/her likes in their News Tickers. Usually the Like button is used to get more fans/subscribers for a fanpage.


    I think, you should again check it.

    As you said, following files are not due to Social Locker Plugin, while if you see in the Deactivate.pdf Report, you can see that when the Plugin is Deactivated, all these files does not loads: – 54kb – 12kb – 24kb – 45.7kb
    and many others

    while if you see Activated.pdf report, you will see that these files are loading in web browser, which is an indication that “Social Plus” Plugin is directly or indirectly loading these files.

    I am not using any other “Social Plugin” or any other “Social Script” other then “Social Locker”. I checked my Theme and all other plugins too. But these files are loaded when I activate “Social Locker” Plugin. so, I am sure that these files are being loaded via Social Plus Plugin.

    Plugin Author OnePress


    Of course, you’re right, the reason why these scripts and files are loaded is caused with the Social Locker plugin because it creates the social buttons which are used for unlocking content.

    But it’s a normal situation for the case when you use any social buttons on a page. A lot of millions of sites show social buttons on their pages. And every of them loads these scripts.

    Yes, the social buttons will make your page a bit heavier and slower but it is acceptable. You should not worry about it.

    Also please keep in mind that these scripts are located on social network servers that use all modern technologies to provide fast access for files placed there such as caching and CDN.

    The reason why the analizer site thinks these files are slow can be explained by the fact that it doesn’t use special caching headers in its http requests to the facebook, twitter, google servers in order to assess actual transfer speed of loading without caching.

    You can ask this question on and I sure that you will get the same answer as I provided.


    Thanks for your Response. but I have removed this Plugin from my site not just because it is making my site heavy but also because after using this plugin and hiding half of my site’s content, my traffic reduced 50%.

    It means, people don’t like to share any content on my site, because most of my traffic is from INDIA and generally Indian people don’t SHARE if they are pressured to SHARE. So, I have used AddThis Script Again in my site and now I am getting enough SHARE.

    So, I think, AddThis is better for my site then Social Locker and that is the reason, I am giving more attention on Lead Capturing then SHARING. But Thanks for your Response.

    Plugin Author OnePress


    You’re very welcome. Sure, no problem.

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