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  • * UPDATE-
    The gravest issue I faced was-
    Below the popups there were huge blank spaces. I contacted this developer; he checked and assured that there is no such issue. I sent him a screen video recording. He again checked and found no issues on his websites/his end.
    After many tries and thoughts, I realised that a plugin named “MOBILE MENU by Takanakui” was causing this issue. WHY? Because I am seeing similar infinitely long empty space below the footer of my other website when I am in WordPress admin area’s “CUSTOMISE” option. (Now this empty infinitely scrollable space does not appear on the website but it appears in ‘CUSTOMISE’ panel. Also due to MOBILE MENU plugin my website’s ‘Go to top’ button has been permanently stuck in website footer and does not appear on posts.
    So there is nothing wrong in this Popup plugin. The Mobile Menu plugin was causing most of the issues.

    * OLD REVIEW (I am not removing this initial review, in case some of you have the same following issues. However the developer has personally emailed me and checked and assured that all these issues were especially happening to me and are not general issues.)

    This plugin has lots of features. Many are free which I appreciate.
    But there are many issues.

    One particular issue that happened with me-
    One popup and its settings were not changing even after 10 tries. I cleared entire site’s cache, cleared browser cookies and cache, purged cache from cpanel of my web hosting still the popup kept showing on multiple devices and multiple browsers.
    (only in the browser I was logged in to WordPress and working did show the changes.)

    I deactivated the plugin, the popup still showed.

    Finally I went to file manager (from cpanel), located plugins folder and deleted the entire folder made by this plugin.

    Finally the popup stopped showing.

    And all this was happening on a useless subdomain I have which I use just to check plugins before using it on my final site. This subdomain has much plugin etc. I installed cache plugin to delete cache of popups but these methods did not work.

    Also the preview feature at bottom takes ages to show the preview and load. (many times preview does not load.) And if I change the template then the popup does not show anything. I have to delete the popup and fresh create a new.

    The popup look on mobile is not good and the opening and closing animation too aren’t as good as the other popup plugin that I use.

    The idea behind this plugin and free features is excellent but admin looks and controlling the plugin is nightmare.

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    • This topic was modified 10 months, 3 weeks ago by wlltat.
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  • Plugin Author supsystic


    Hello @wlltat
    1. About issue with settings – I think that this is cache problem – because as you said if you are logged-in – it work as it should, that’s how cache usually work. Same think with PopUp after it waas deactivating: PopUp is just in your site server side cache. Provide me with link to your site and tell me – what exactly is wrong – and I will look into your problem.

    2. About preview feature that load too long. We had same issue on our other users, and problem was in other plugins and themes: they just made too much additional overloaded functions on server on each request – so it’s update take time. This can be checked b our team too.

    3. About changing template – please tell me PopUp not showing after this on admin or frontend?

    4. About mobile, close button and animation – can you provide me with link where I can see those issues? Because we created it as responsive PopUp plugin, but you should consider that other plugins and theme CSS settings are also applied to our PopUps on frontend – so it can lose it’s alignment.

    In any case – it will be better if you provide me with link where I can see issues, or even use our internal support system here , and we will make it work as it should for you.

    Spent the entire day, experimenting and checking everything that this plugin has.

    Most of the things work. Plugin is feature rice. Thanks.

    But ‘DISABLE WINDOW SCROLL’ does not work completely. (I am using FULL SCREEN THEME, CLEAR POPUP)
    On desktop this is fine.
    But on mobiles this is nightmare-
    After the popup ends (written contents and the close button) there is a huge empty page with just empty background.
    The height/length of this empty page is as long as the combined length of the remaining portion of that WordPress post, widgets, and footer of the website. You can keep scrolling the empty background till a long time.

    Now, I have set the full screen popup to appear after 70 seconds.

    Now normally a user will scroll down the page and will have reached almost half the article in 70 seconds. Now after 70 seconds when the popup shows it shows a blank background over the post. Now if the user scrolls all the way to top on that background then he can see the popup contents, otherwise not. (I could send you a video screen recording to better explain this issue.)

    When Page loads- Delay after 70 seconds.
    Close- After user close it.
    Shown on all pages.
    Shown to everyone.

    WIDTH- 500
    Background overlay opacity- 1 (cOLOUR- White)
    Disable window scroll- Checked /Ticked
    Background- None
    Responsive mode- Full resize

    There is a 190 word paragraph.
    Close button is on.


    Every setting seems okay still on mobiles, this empty space issue makes me not use this.

    I tried changing all settings one by one and changing width etc. Nothing helped.


    (May I get you support email so that I can send you a small screen recording video to better explain the issue?)

    As of now I have paused the popup by this plugin.

    Please help me fix this issue.


    EDIT- HIDE/SHOW on MOBILE, TABLET and DESKTOP PC is also not working.

    I have tried both. Once hide and when this failed show.
    None respect the selected option.

    Plugin Author supsystic


    Hello @wlltat
    1. About blank space – we can’t reproduce this issue on our test servers. I think that this can be a conflict with your theme for example. To make sure – what exactly this issue is – can you provide me with some test link: with our PopUp, on some test page on your site, where I can see it?

    2. Hide/Show on Mobile, Table, PC – I think that this is still cache issue: page was cached for example on PC (HTML cache was saved) with PopUp, and when you open it on mobile – same cache connected, sure – with cached on it PopUp. But to make sure – I need to see it.

    Yes, it will be better if you contact us in internal support – – and we will help you to resolve all your problems.

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