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  • I would love to give this plugin five stars, but it’s not ready for prime time.

    There are a bunch of issues.

    It may be only my use case and it may be a Drupal issue related to not updating Drupal to the latest version before export. I don’t know, but there should be some notification in the plugin – a checks of sort to make sure everything is in alignment before you run the process.

    When the plugin pulled in all posts from Drupal on Pantheon’s servers, it finally timed out short of all articles and did not pull in any of the CCK nodes that were set up, nor did it pull in all users. It stopped and wouldn’t start. In the plugin’s defense, Pantheon does not allow edit of the php.ini file with the rules provided by the plugin developer. It’s more likely than not that your server administrator / host will not allow the settings recommended by the plugin developer. Both WP Engine and Pantheon would either not allow the max limits recommended or not allow edit of php.ini at all on a shared environment. So, if you’re not on a dedicated host, you’re out of luck.

    I then switched over to local. When I downloaded the database from Pantheon and uploaded to MAMP SQL PRO, then I ran the import, for some reason, it pulled in thousands of more articles than the logs said were available. The logs said 4,440, but it pulled in over 11K. And, when it did that, it for some reason started pulling in everything correctly, I was monitoring the Posts in another window and I saw it go to about a week before the most recent publish date. All of a sudden, everything back to a year and half was done, and then all posts started copying in quadruplicate (either 4 or 5 copies of a post), and then as the plugin ran some more, it finally started pulling in post to the most recent post. Over 11,500 later and there are supposed only be about 5,500 according to the client. So, I don’t know what went wrong, but now there’s going to be spent some time on cleanup.

    The plugin doesn’t actually tell you when each node completes, you have to rely on the progress bar. And, the progress bar got to 100%, but then the import kept running, because not all nodes were imported yet. As of this writing, I’m up to 108%. How can a progress bar say 100%, but then the process is still not completed. It needs to have a progress bar for each node, not the entire database.

    So, while doing this has saved me manual .sql parsing time or paying someone else to do it, it’s caused me all kinds of other issues.

    It may not be the plugin developers fault – it may be how Drupal was set up by the original developer. I don’t know. But what I do know is that my use case was not necessarily planned for in the minds of the creators of this plugin, and they have a fair amount of work to do to make this better.

    Their paid support is also a little slow. I went over 24-hours without a response to a question, even though I purchased the upgrade. They need to be better at their response times.

    UPDATE: I actually got to 111% “Import Completed” but it’s still running and registering the last set of posts from one node, even though it says it’s completed.

    2nd UPDATE: After working with my hosting company and the plugin developers, I was able to ascertain that many hosts won’t allow modification of php or server settings to increase time out responses and other factors that can help when using this plugin. Every time I ran the plugin on a dev environment at Pantheon, it would crap out and not complete. So, I had to go to the next level and do a local install using MAMP to host the site on my local machine, then export the SQL DB from Drupal and import using SQL Pro in MAMP.

    Once I had all that working, I had some duplicate issues where POSTS would duplicate 4 or 5 times each and CCKs coming over would come over correctly. Then I changed to a recommended my.conf setting given to me by support and it reversed where POSTS would come in normally and CCKs would duplicate.

    After contact support again, they optimized those files. I installed them in their respective folders. I restarted and it seems to have fixed the duplicates issue.

    Therefore, I’m updating my review to 4 stars and not 3. It’s still not a 5-star experience, but support was helpful in walking me through some things and optimizing the config files for me.

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    • This topic was modified 4 years, 2 months ago by Tony Zeoli.
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    UPDATE: The plugin ran to 115% completion. I don’t understand what 115% means and I had to refresh many times for it even to get there.

    While it did duplicate posts from the “Articles” node, with the logs saying I should only have 4,440, I now have

    11427 posts
    23320 medias

    I’m certain there aren’t 11K+ posts and now I will have to go in and clean up all the duplicate posts and possibly media too, as there will be many duplicates.

    It’s kind of a nightmare.

    Again, maybe not the plugin developers fault, but I’m not sure why the plugin would:

    a. pull down the posts correctly for a time and then,
    b. switch over and remove a ton of posts and then start adding them in duplicate again,
    c. the switch back and start importing posts correctly to the last published post

    I just don’t get it. Hopefully, they’ll figure it out.

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