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  • This plugin is great but it could be better. I was hoping for something that displayed useful information and is simple to work with. This plugin has way too many setting and way too many places to display graph. just give me a simple dashboard graph and a link to my main piwik install and maybe top keywords and top pages. Anything more then that could be handled better in the main piwik web interface and just makes my wordpress seem cluttered. I think piwik and this plugin has potential. I can’t wait until this plugin has a simple design and simpler settings?

    Thinks I like:
    -Red Trendline in graph (The graph itself could be easier to read, maybe tool tips that display “unique” etc etc when under the mouse).
    -Easy to set up.
    -Lets you change the display name. (I have mine set to Analytics(Piwik))

    Things I don’t like:
    -I get php warnings in a couple of the boxes
    -The graph is hard to read.
    -Unclear at time.
    -Way too many options.
    -Way too many display setting (Show this?, Show this?, What about this?)

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  • Plugin Author braekling


    Thank you very much for your feedback.

    Please tell me about the warnings you get – so I can try to remove them. 🙂

    Related to the several options: With 1.0 gets a tidied up setting interface, but of course there a still a lot of options. But all these options were added due to user requests.

    Every user has his own preferences on “necessary” and “unnecessary” features, so I want to give everybody the chance to enable what he wants. (E.g., you like the “display name” settings, but I’m quite sure most users don’t care about this.) But you can just install WP-Piwik, configure the connection and enable tracking – so you get the simplest solution.

    Maybe you can just give me list of options you would hide? So we can start a discussion about this and I can add some kind of a “pro switch” which hides “not-so-common” features.

    What do you mean with “unclear at time”?

    About your graph suggestion (tooltips): I will check this!

    Hey thanks for the reply. I’ll try to help/explain where ever I can.

    What do you mean with “unclear at time”?
    Some things that confused me were the “connect to piwik” tab and the “enable tracking” tab how are these two tabs different?

    Why am I connecting to piwik if I still have to insert a header/footer with my tracking code? Doesn’t supplying the tracking code to the footer/header provide all the information that piwik needs? I’m guessing that the “connect to piwik” tab is what pulls the graphing information into the wordpress dashboard.

    Maybe you can just give me list of options you would hide?

    I would just make the plugin as simple as possible. I don’t know about most users but I’m using piwik alongside Jetpack Stats(which I believe does a good job displaying its graphs and information)

    I don’t know what they are called but I would have One dashboard “Box” for piwik showing visits and then within that box a link to a different page with the rest of the graphs and information. That way the user can select what he wants to see using the screen options(top of screen) and not the wp-piwik settings.

    I’ve tried finding that error message but was unable to reproduce it, But I did notice that the link to piwik in the “Overview” box is incorrect. I don’t know how your constructing it but I get where it should be Its basically its just adding the full path to the site url.

    Plugin Author braekling


    Sorry, I didn’t realize your response before.

    1) Connect to Piwik vs. Enable tracking

    WP-Piwik is intended to show brief statistics within WordPress, so you don’t have to switch to Piwik each time you need an overview. The Piwik connection is required to get these data using Piwik’s Reporting API.

    As an additional feature, WP-Piwik also allows to add the tracking code to your WordPress’ footer instead of adding it manually. Some users prefer the manual way, because they can modify the code as they like. And some more don’t like WP-Piwik to add the tracking code, because of a different plugin to manage the tracking code (e.g., for WooCommerce).

    So, showing the stats is the most basic feature of WP-Piwik which can just be enabled by connecting to Piwik.

    2) Options

    I’m not sure if I understand your approach. WP-Piwik allows you to add a dashboard box with some default values and you can even show/ hide this box by using the screen options. But it has to be enabled first, because it may cause slow down of the dashboard site (depending of your system, the Piwik configuration, etc.).

    If you have a look at the WP-Piwik stats page, you can configure the whole page by using the screen options. Just the SEO box has to be enabled using the settings… again, because this is a feature which will cause a slow down.

    So WP-Piwik works “out of the box” after configuring the Piwik connection. Only additional features which will affect on the site speed have to be enabled separately.

    3) Other

    This should be fixed in the latest releases.

    4) Graph tooltips

    Will be part of the next release. (Previously, I had to focus on some bugs.)

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