• This is my first time reviewing a wordpress plugin but I thought that I have to write one, in order to manage other users expectations. Nobody expected the plugin to do wonders, but when the plugin itself is not even on a decent level, as I’ve stated in the post’s title, it is quite infuriating.

    Well, I didn’t have high expectations regarding its performance but at least I wanted my site to remain up and running, and not receive a critical error on the front end after the plugin’s activation. I thought for a second that I’ve lost everything; every newly created data;

    After the plugin’s deletion, everything got back to normal…

    Keep in mind that I’ve read the plugin’s description and its FAQ, where we can see advertised the fact that it may not work as intended, if our site is not hosted at their webhost. In the end, it is something normal as nothing in this world is free, and everyone should earn their bread… But come on, guys, at least offer some transparency; the description of this plugin is simply an overstatement.

    From what I can see now, there are others having the same experience.

    It is also funny to see that the author took some time to thank the people for the positive reviews, and couldn’t even answer the poor guys question asked in the support section of this plugin’s page.

    Ps.: You may come with excuses but note that everything I do use on my website is premium and paid for. It is also a lesson to me to never try something newly created, when there are lack of reviews who can attest the plugin’s veracity.

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    • This topic was modified 8 months, 2 weeks ago by EdmondN1.
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  • Plugin Author Aurélien LWS



    We have been made aware of our plugin shortcomings and are trying our best to improve it. We are sorry and understand that our plugin did not meet your expectations but we would like to stress out that this plugin is not reserved to LWS-hosted website and should work fine on any webhost, we have no interest in locking our plugins behind a paywall.

    We are aware of the cause of the error you mentionned and will soon launch a patch for it, among other improvements.


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