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  • (Note: This plugin may not be the root cause of the issue, but is definitely involved in some way)

    We’re using WordPress 4.3.1, and Fluid Video Embeds 1.2.9.

    Currently at 10am (pst), our wp_options table is sitting at 1,273 rows. Last night at 11pm (pst) the site was down, there was 92,392 rows. We’ve installed a transient manager to clear these out, but the website still comes to a halt every night due to the strain on the mysql database.

    The main source of these options has been identified by the option names “_transient_fve***” and “transient_timeout_fve***”. The “_fve” prefix is added by Fluid Video Embeds (obviously). Here is what some of the options look like in the table:

    Since this happens consistently at night (between 11pm – 1am, EST) I thought to look at the registered cron schedule. I did not see an entry for FVE and so this may be a plugin conflict.

    The following cron schedules run, and the time of their occurence:

    wp_scheduled_auto_draft_delete	2015-10-28 16:38:39
    akismet_scheduled_delete	2015-10-28 17:35:42
    wpp_cache_event			2015-10-28 20:00:00
    delxtrans_cleartransients	2015-10-28 23:38:42
    check_plugin_updates-updraftplus	2015-10-29 01:35:19
    updraft_backup			2015-10-29 02:00:00
    updraft_backup_database		2015-10-29 04:29:00
    wp_scheduled_delete		2015-10-29 12:42:48

    I’m still investigating this problem, but I’m not sure what the cause it. I’m hoping jamie3d can give us some information of why this might be happening. It’s NOT caused by a traffic spike and in fact the site may perform well during a traffic spike, but go down when traffic is minimal.

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