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  • alfy40


    I had to mirror my website and deactivate/reactivate every plugin one by one, to finally narrow it down. The Favorites plugin was causing 2 critical errors in WordPress:

    An active PHP session was detected: A PHP session was created by a session_start() function call. This interferes with REST API and loopback requests. The session should be closed by session_write_close() before making any HTTP requests.

    The REST API encountered an error: REST API Endpoint: […]/wp-json/wp/v2/types/post?context=edit
    REST API Response: (http_request_failed) cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 10001 milliseconds with 0 bytes received

    This was causing extremely strange symptoms that looked a lot like a cache problem, but wasn’t: edits/changes weren’t getting published correctly, or overwritten, users sometimes had to refresh to see their edits, etc.

    I am absolutely positive this was being caused by the Favorites plugin by the way, as I’ve tested it multiple times: if I deactivate Favorites, the 2 critical errors disappear, and the symptoms disappear as well. If I reactivate it, the critical errors come back, as well as the symptoms.

    Theme used The7 version 11.4.0, WordPress version 6.1.1.

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