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  • Is there any chance at all that you are going to fix the fact that this plugin does not work. It didn’t work with the three previous versions so I assume not. Everything says “FAILED TO UPLOAD” all the way down the screen. This XML is necessary to my site. I have one question and one question only: is there a way to make it work?

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  • We have seen this problem a lot in the past as we frequently move sites for our clients. It is (to say the very least) a complete and utter nightmare.
    It is also worth noting that when installing the plugin, you even get a warning that it has not been tested with the latest WordPress version, is only compatible up to 3.8.3 and was last updated some 7 months ago. However, there may not be a need to update it, but the least they could do is update the “compatible up to” so that you do not get the warning when installing it.

    WP Tavern covered this a while back:

    Issues reported here:
    and here:

    There seems to be no resolution or action on updating the code.

    From my experience, the issues are:
    1) 500 Internal Server Error
    2) Other general failure (for large files only)
    3) Images either a) dont import, b) import but are unassigned to any post or page, c) link to the old location or d) a mix of a-c.

    The only solution that I can actively find is to manually export the posts from the database, update the post numbers so they are after the last post number on your new site, import it, upload images from the old site to the new site and lastly do a find and replace to fix all links to your old site so they point to your new site.
    That is a real pain, but it seems that there really is no other way.

    And here are the instructions for importing posts using the database:

    You can then export your users with a plugin like Cimy User Manager

    Hope this helps

    See, the problem is this is dummy XML from ThemeForest. Being able to import XML from the creator is a huge part of the design. If I can’t do it, my site does not function correctly.

    That is a huge issue. I have seen many theme developers create their own import plugins, but they can be a nightmare too as they need the site to be a clean install.

    I am working on an import now and have it on a test account so I can play with it without worrying.

    By the way Big Dave, I am also Dave and my friends call me Big Dave, nice to meet you 🙂

    First I think it is best that we check what size and volume we are importing.
    The file I have is 1.4MB
    It is a complete export of everything possible.
    I do not have a lot of posts, under 200 for sure.

    What size is your import? Is it a full import of everything or do they provide separate imports for different areas? What theme is it?

    I will update you when I have more info. Once I have ran tests and can see a clear path, I will let you know and I can help you if you like. If the method works for both of us, I can publish it as a guide so it can help others.

    Many thanks

    Ok, I ran some tests to see what the issue could be for my site. With this site, I am importing an xml backup of site A into a copy of site B as I am merging two sites together, so it is a little more complex than the issue you are having.

    Here is what I did:
    1) disabled all plugins except contact form 7 which will have items in my import.
    2) Disabled all ithemes security settings
    3)disabled w3 total cache and disabled all options
    4) enabled twentyfourteen theme
    5) uploaded xml file to wordpress import and selected “assign posts to an existing user” and “Download and import file attachments”.

    I figured that the plugins and theme could be trying to process imported items such as media, which could cause the issue.

    The end result is far from perfect as all media imported is unattached to any post, which I will need to do manually. A real pain with 425 images! Also, all images within posts are linked to the OLD location, so I will need to find and replace their links within the database so that they point to the correct location.

    In your case, it is likely that the xml import file does not contain any of the data for your theme, just posts, pages, images etc.

    Please let me know how it goes on your end and make sure you frequently backup, you can never have too many backups.


    I am having the same issue as bigdave290 as it is dummy data xml and I do not have access to the sql. It is a blank canvas, only have wordpress installed, but I need this data to be installed. Please help if you can.

    Hello scoopsmiles. I am sorry, but there is very little that can be done if you are getting an error and can not access the db.
    You could check your error log to see what errors were recorded and you can ask your host to increase your memory if that is the issue.

    The problem that theme developers face is that the wordpress import plugin has not been updated in a while, doesnt work with the latest version of wordpress and has many, many known issues within it.

    As you can see, even wp tavern posted about it as it seems really odd that such a vital plugin from the WordPress team is essentially abandoned.

    The only way I could get the import to work was to move the site to a new location where I could play with it (as it was a live site) and then submit the import and pray it worked. Sometimes when you get an error, it has been suggested that if you refresh a few times, it can make it import. I have spent close to a week assigning all the images to the correct posts and fixing many issues caused by the import.

    Another suggestion would be to install your theme and manually add the content yourself based on their guide as that would not require the import. I know that is less than desirable, but it is all that is left if the import doesnt work and the theme developer is unwilling to assist you.
    I have seen some theme developers import the content into one of our sites with no issues at all. When we replicated their steps, all we got was issues so it could be due to the computer OS which has been suggested in the past by some theme developers.

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