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  • This plugin optimizes the background optimization, but I think the left menu bar on the background is too wide. I hope it can be changed to the default width. The display effect on the mobile terminal can also be optimized. There are some places that look misplaced. The suggestion is to add a color picker to modify the background menu bar color and the top bar color or other position color. This is very friendly for novices, mainly because most people still don’t understand the use of code to modify the beautification layout, thank you!

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  • Plugin Author kodeo


    About: “I think the left menu bar on the background is too wide.”
    Is it possible that you share a screenshot.


    I do n’t know how to share the screenshot with you in the reply editor. . . . . To put it simply, the menu bar on the left is too wide, and the layout of the plugin is not mobile-friendly, especially the display effect of the top bar and search field. If you use the default layout style of WordPress to beautify the icons, colors, and other I think it will be beautiful. If you can provide a color picker, it is even better. You can customize the colors of the top bar and menu bar, as well as ‘Drag-And-Drop Sorting of Postboxes’ and ‘Sticky Editor Toolbar’ There is no need to adjust the proposal and cancel. Finally, I translated the plugin as a whole. It seems that there are several functions that have not yet been implemented in the plugin management. . Haha, sorry for the too many suggestions I made, I hope it didn’t affect your mood

    Plugin Author kodeo


    For bigger screen the menu width is 280px and for smaller screens (<1400px) it’s 220px, which is already kind of narrow.
    If there is not enough space in the content area the user can always hide/collapse the menu bar.

    About mobile friendly:
    For most pages it should be mobile optimized. If there is a issue, please share a screenhot (you can also send email to
    PLEASE NOTE: For very small screens (like iPhone 5 or smaller) we will not provide extra styles.

    About color picker:
    There is a feature planed where the user can define colors himself, but this not happen in the near future. Sorry.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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