• Problems in the plugin:
    The plugin has many problems like
    unnecessary fields of information marked “important” in the patient details form, and some important fields like “referred by” are missing.
    Billing can only be done with registered patients and after adding an encounter, it is not possible to create bills with any of the two. It is impractical in the real world.
    And you don’t get a bed management section in this plugin, neither they have a medicine billing option.
    I contacted the support team and had group chats also with them, listing all these improvements I suggested they quoted me for $1799.
    I was like, WTF dude? I can get more than 100 plugins better than yours in this amount.
    You also can see very aggressive branding, which means even after purchasing and customizing you see KiviCare written everywhere.

    See there are better plugins like Smart Hospital, WP Hospital, and WP ERP (in some cases) so just don’t waste money on this joke.

    This company is not being handled by the founder, only some bootlickers are in power who want to bring money without actually improving the product.

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