• This plugin is a big tease that lets you do all the work to set it up, but in the end it doesn’t deliver anything that works!

    It has all the features I’m looking for:

    • Users create logins to post on the site
    • Custom Post controls all setup through the wordpress back-end gui
    • Users have full access to Post, Edit and Delete their own posts
    • Users have a dashboard to login to
    • Users may edit their profiles

    The problem is the plugin doesn’t get any of this to work as a system.

    1. Users still login to the WordPress dashboard, not the one from the plugin. This is a HUGE gap which renders this plugin useless.
    2. The dashboard also doesn’t bring all of the features together by creating links to NEW POSTS and Edit the profile, it only lets users Edit and Delete posts that they can’t make in the first place.
    3. And there’s the bug in the Delete that doesn’t work unless you fix the code first.

    Oh so aggravating. I’ll give it 5 stars if it can deliver on its’ promise.

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  • Hi D4D3
    I think I can help you to make as your requirement as you mentioned with this plugin.
    I am not a author of this plugin but still I figured out how it works.


    Judging from the support forum and the 1-star reviews it appears that the creator of WP User Frontend offers little customer support. That’s a shame because like D4D3 says it has everything I need. What I don’t need is to hire someone to fix the bugs–that’s the developer’s job. Maybe the developer should hire dahltn to fix the plugin. The money spent would more than be made up for in sales because there are a lot of potential customers who are waiting for the developer to get his act together and help users who have bought the pro version. Until then I’ll pass.

    regarding your issues :

    1. There are plenty front-end login plugins out there. You should’t expect all in one !
    Developer recommend to use TML plugin for front-end login. WP User Front-end plugin also coded to work tightly with TML plugin.

    2. Don’t know why you are expecting all (edit profile/new post/post lists) in dashboard? However, you can get all these by placing short-codes and a little tweak. A very new WordPress NOBO should be able to find the way ! Alls are in-front of you. Read through the plugin documentation.

    3. Never mind, i am using this plugin over 10+sites and never faced anything like that and you sure that its not your side fault like – theme or another plugin conflict? ASK for help first then judge. After all it will not cost you a cent for ask support here.

    @storyman – First use it your self then judge. I guess you didn’t see others 40+ 5 start ratings and plugin supports threads where Original Developer (Tareq) providing amazing supports .
    link: http://wordpress.org/support/plugin/wp-user-frontend

    @ahikmahin, This plugin has a lot of appealing features that–if it worked as advertised–would be worth buying the developers version. Before plunking down money on a premium plugin I’ve found the best indicator of how well it is supported is by the frequency that the creator replies to users’ support request.

    You’re fortunate that the plugin has worked out for you. What you don’t mention is if you ever had any problems with the plugin, the type of problem(s), and how responsive the plugin’s creator was in solving the problem(s). Judging from issues that remain unanswered for a considerable amount of time, I’ve got to think that support isn’t up to what it should be.

    I’ll keep an eye on the support forum and hopefully the plugin’s creator will be more responsive in the future. Until then I’ll look elsewhere.

    @storyman – no one holding anyones back here 🙂 . I was just trying to explain to D4D3 regarding his/her issues.
    yahh.. developer is much more active on his own dedicated forum rather than here!
    beside, you didn’t clear that – have you tried this plugin your self yet?

    @ahikmahin, I’ve been done this road too many times. As a matter of practice I check out the support forum of all premium plugins before buying. It’s a waste of time to get involved with a plugin that is not well supported. I appreciated the link to the dedicated forum. I’ll check it out.



    I’ve been using the first version he put out and never upgraded. That one worked perfectly for just what this user wants to do. Unfortunately lots of other stuff was added that could have been a separate plugin, although I understand why you’d want both. It does a great job with custom fields you’ve added and most of the other profile creators create fields that are not accessible generally by wordpress and are by definition custom. This is not a 1 star plugin although I understand the frustration.



    Hey D4D3 I know you posted 9 months ago, and the plugin has probably come a long way since then, so I wont address my response at you specifically, but I disagree with your comments based on the latest version of the plugin I am using.

    1) It works excellently and delivers everything it says it does.

    I have the pro version and am very happy with it.

    2) I have found the support from the developers to be excellent and responsive, but you need to use the developers website forum for support.



    I agree. I’m using the latest version now. I’d use the pro version if it wasn’t for a couple of items but for free, it’s a horrendous shame that anyone would rate anything less than pure spam or something terrible a 1 star. The instructions also say it delivers.

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