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    Depending on the used php script and technolgy this plugin will have big problems if you have large amount of products!

    But step by step.

    1. You can only select system based attributes.
    But you can not select/unselect your custom attributes like ebay_title, shirt_size, custom_product_title….

    You can only select option “Attributes”: This option will export ALL custom attributes. No good workflow if somebody will export specific custom attributes.

    Next problem:
    2. Same problem for meta data fields and custom fields. You can selct ALL or NOT. But you cant select specific fields or meta data of product.

    Next problem:
    3. If you push button export you will see in the left corner of your browser:
    “Browser Loading Data”… Process like this will be killed when your timeout is reached. Yes, you can handle it by increase timeout value on server, but this is not good idea for security reason and server power! And it will have impact to other php environment and to your whole server environment.

    And the next problem is: If you are using cloudflare, then you cant handle this problem. Because cloudflare cancle every browser script when its not finished after 90 seconds.

    So if you have large amount of products and using cloudflare, then you cant find a solution. Because you can not change timeout of cloudflare and changing timeout of server will have no effect to cloudflare timeout settings. So you will see cloudflare timeout error!

    Develope better (paid) plugins. For example (like 90% of all other export/import plugins):

    When user push button EXPORT or IMPORT then the progress will start in many small php calls in background and not in one long call that will be closed by timeout.

    Next problem:
    4. If you delete export profile you will gett message: profile deleted. But you have to reopen the window to see it’s deletes. Why not refresh by ajax?

    5. The product filter is just a joke if you see what other freeware solution provide.

    This problems we found after 10 minutes. No idea what about to try realy working with this paid solution 🙁 The support is 2 days working on our tickets and no solution untill yet.

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  • Plugin Author webtoffee


    Hi @tommy83,

    Currently, the plugin does not have the feature to export only certain attributes or metadata fields by specifying them while exporting. We have already included the feature you mentioned in our backlogs and can expect the feature in the upcoming releases of the premium version of the plugin. As the number of meta fields or attributes varies from site to site and there are chances that some users might have an exponentially higher number of data, the plugin UI will suffer as the load time increases.

    Regarding server timeout issue exporting, the issue you are facing seems to be server specific. We haven’t tested the compatibility/performance of the plugin with specific servers. Our plugin users are able to export thousands of products without any issues from their site.

    Thank you for the suggestion regarding refreshing the plugin page when the existing mapping profile is deleted. We will discuss it with our developers and try to implement the Auto Ajax refresh in the upcoming builds.

    “Regarding server timeout issue exporting, the issue you are facing seems to be server specific. We haven’t tested the compatibility/performance of the plugin with specific servers. Our plugin users are able to export thousands of products without any issues from their site.”

    you can not handle this issue with server when you are using cloudflare. because you cant change timeout value if you are using cloudflare.

    So direct browser run will be closed after few minutes from cloudflare and you cant handle this issue with your server. Because cloudflare close connection with timeout. This timeout value from cloudflare you cant change.

    So it’s better do change your code, because cloudflare user will have the same result/problem in backend. When user click on start export then your module run the export process in one long call in browser. If this browser call takes to long (if you have many products) then cloudflare will close connection and export never will finished.

    Next problem is: if user NOT using cloudflare his server will also close connection when timeout of current server is reached. So he have to increase timeout value of his current server to abnormal value like 5 or 10 minutes to finish export. This is not good for server health, as you know.

    So it’s a good idea to go back to basics of coding and check the base of your export function: move it to diffrent small export cals while the export is runing. And not ONE long call for the complete export, this is not a good idea and have also bad impact to server power and health.

    This are general points of development a clean module. If you check other free&paid module you will see all working NOT with one long export call that will be cancled by cloudflar or server timeout.

    I hope you understand this general point. So we start a refound.

    Plugin Author webtoffee


    Hi @tommy83,

    As mentioned in the support ticket the plugin has the option to export the products both in multiple calls(Batch export) and in a single call. However, as requested we have already processed the refund for your order.

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