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  • I posted this in my other thread but got no reply, so i’m reposting it here…

    It appears that there is now a LARGE (12.5 MB) “sdk” sub-folder in the BackWPup plugin folder. The previous 2.x version did not have this “sdk” sub-folder. This may be part of the problem. Maybe the zip backups are reaching a limit and timing out. The sdk sub-folder makes the Backwpup plugin folder the largest folder in my site.

    Why the large SDK sub-folder in the Backwpup plugin??? This plugin is now larger than Jetpack and any other plugin I have.

    Also, after upgrading to 3.0.4 from 3.0.3 and from 2.x the zip format still doesn’t finish. it gets stuck at about 75% zipping, and doesn’t finish. So 3.0.4 is still not working.

    i tried the tar format and yes it finishes, but it took a LOT LONGER than what backupup 2.x used to take, and it doesn’t appear to do any compression. The “packed” size of the sub-folders inside the Tar file were actually LARGER than the sub-folders themselves. So Tar is definitely not an alternative.

    Please reply. Many of us are hoping you can fix this soon or go back to the old version. Thank you.

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  • Daniel, can you please answer this about the “sdk” folder. It’s concerning to have such a large plugin now that is much larger than any other plugin. Thanks.

    Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken



    i have replyed in a other thred.

    The most takes the new AWS SDK v2 i wll look if i can reduce it.

    Thanks, I saw your reply saying that the sdk files were in a different folder in v2.x. But there’s definitely something “HUGE” that’s been added to v3.x.

    The Backwpup plugin folder size in v2.x was 4.5 MB.
    Now, in v3.x the folder size is 15.4 MB.

    That’s a 11 MB difference in size of the plugin files.
    So v3.x has tripled the size of this plugin, and it’s now larger than wordpress itself.

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