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[Resolved] This plugin destroyed my site

  • I installed this plugin on a site with Genesis framework, Agency Pro theme, and as soon as it was activated ALL OF MY WIDGETS DISAPPEARED. I know there’s no fix for it except to restore from backup, you won’t have anything to tell me, but there should be some sort of warning that this is a possibility. My client is FURIOUS, rightfully so.


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  • I have discovered that the widgets it removed were all created using Black Studio Tiny MCE.

    Plugin Author Wordfence


    Hi Krista,

    We don’t modify data of any other plugins and in fact we create our own tables to store our data, so we would not have removed any widgets.

    I’d like to help you fix this so here are a few possibilities:

    I’d ask your hosting provider to check for table corruption in your database. Installing a new plugin may have triggered a latent issue in your DB.

    Immediately check your website error logs. If it’s table corruption or something similar, you’ll see a ton of messages there.

    It could be that the issue is not that your widgets have been removed, but that your website is not reading the DB correctly for some reason e.g. your DB is running out of connections, timing out etc, so the site isn’t getting the data it needs to load them.

    I’m assuming you’ve tried disabling our plugin and your widgets are still missing, but in case you didn’t, try that.

    Also ask your hosting provider to check if your server disk is full, this would also cause an issue like this under certain conditions.

    That’s about all I’ve got. Happy to help further even though this is probably not a Wordfence specific issue but more likely caused by a server or DB having problems and installing a new plugin triggered them.



    I could of course see the tables prefaced “wf” and deduced what those were. I am able to check for database integrity and table corruption myself via PHPMyAdmin; I also ran a phpinfo.php and everything is just fine. No, disabling and removing the plugin did not fix the problem. (Incidentally, I notice that removing the plugin–on several sites, not just this one–leaves the wf tables in the database and a folder on the server.) I have dedicated hosting, and again, I am able to see from shell access that server space is MORE than plentiful.

    I hear what you’re saying about it not being your plugin but I tried it on another site, different server, same result. Fortunately I use ManageWP for my 100+ sites and was able to restore in no time flat.

    So thanks for trying to help. Certainly WordFence is a highly touted and respected plugin so my experience is not going to make any waves, and my sites are restored and using other security plugins so all is well.

    Appreciate your ideas and trying to help! Have a great day!

    Plugin Author Wordfence


    OK thanks, nice to be chatting to someone technical.

    You can remove the Wordfence tables by checking the box at the bottom of the options page to remove WF data on deactivation. We also have an accompanying plugin that will do this and more for you:


    I’m investigating this now using the plugin you mentioned which I think I’ve found:


    Going to try and repro the issue and find the root cause.



    Plugin Author Wordfence



    I installed Black Studio Tiny MCE, created a text widget, installed Wordfence, saved some options, ran a scan, and it runs perfectly with Black Studio Tiny MCE.

    Please note that some users of Black Studio Tiny MCE are reporting the “widget is gone” when in fact it changed names recently to “Visual Editor”.


    Could this be the cause?



    I don’t think so, because the name had already changed before the WordFence install, my widgets were there, and when I restored after removing WF they were once again there. (although I did wonder why the name change, people don’t react well when you move their cheese)

    WordFence is fine on the large percentage of my sites not using this widget plugin, and the two I tested it on–who knows? They each have about 10 other plugins in use, quie a few in common, and everything from db issues to misplaced jquery can mess up the universe. I once had a tabs plugin that would simply not produce tabs until I moved another plugin’s jquery to load after the tabs’ jquery. Whatever! But I am very appreciative of all the help…on these 2 sites I’ve just double-beefed the .htaccess security and I always do the standards (no admin use, no wp_ table names, yada yada). Plus I have Sucuri accounts for all the sites so if something does slip through I’ll know it. Although I really do appreciate your above and beyond, I don’t think you should waste more time. Thanks!

    In the WF config, do you select “treat images as .exe files”?

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