• For reason unknown to me other plugins that claim to add comment flagging function to my comment fail invariably. When this plugin delivered what it promised, I could not believe it because my disappointment with the other three. This function should have been part of WP code, but good luck with that. We have more than 43K plugins in the repository and I was stunned when I was not able to find a plugin that does this seemingly necessary use case. This plugin has exceeded my expectation actually by providing one-click easy replacement of abusive comment with pre-authored comment, for example “[Comment made invisible due to violation of community standard]” in addition to sending email to admin when user report comment and allowing admins to trash, replace, approve/override reports, report right at the front end (of course these available in dedicated admin page as well.)

    This plugin focuses in comment reporting to help admins deal with abusive users’ comments making admins’ lives easier and does it well.

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