• WP SVG images let’s you upload SVG files to WordPress and shows previews in the media library but the description doesn’t clearly state what else the plugin is doing, it just says “Add SVG support to your WordPress web. You can upload SVG files, you can see them as thumbnails in media library, etc.”

    It can’t load SVG files that link to external images made with Illustrator CC 2020 unfortunately. I uploaded a test SVG file into a vanilla install of WordPress with the Twenty Twenty theme. I’m not sure if this plugin or WordPress was the problem but external images in the same folder weren’t loaded. The developer just said go hire someone as you can’t code… I just asked the developer if he could change the description if the plugin had problems. I’m happy to change the review but I can’t say this is great or fantastic without proper documentation of what the plugin does in the summary.

    I came to this plugin’s page because I wanted to try some other plugins. That’s all. I hope the developer can find out what is happening and can see the sample code I left in the support forum. If this plugin can’t load linked folders and the folders don’t work even if they are manually uploaded into the same directory it’s okay but it’s just nice to say stuff like that in the description.

    This plugin helps upload SVG files but doesn’t check if anything is linked to the files. Not sure if it sanitizes SVG code yet.

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  • Plugin Contributor kubiq


    Go and study… use google or whatever… you have no idea how SVG and HTML works, so these 3 stars are rating of your knowledge, not of my plugin…

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