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    I can’t get anyone to respond to my questions that I need help with. My auto post shares NEVER work. I cannot share to Pinterest. If Im doing something wrong, that’s fine, but no one will respond to me.
    I wasted over $100 and Im deleting this stupid plug in this weekend. Im too busy to keep worrying about this situation.

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  • Plugin Author Blog2Social-Support


    Thanks for letting us know, Rob & Jen! We understand your frustration. It appears that our response emails have been blocked by your SPAM folder. Please check your spam folder to see if our answers have ended up in there.

    We received both your messages from February 6th, 2019 referring to Auto-Posting to Instagram and Pinterest as well as your message from February 11th, 2019 referring to Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram and answered them within 2 hours upon receipt. And we found the solution to your questions 🙂

    We have found that the images on your website are protected either by a firewall, hotlink protection, or a special type of encoding. This prevents Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Blog2Social from reliably reading and displaying your images.

    For example, this is the warning given by the official Facebook debugger when sharing one of your blog posts:

    Screenshot Facebook Debugger

    As soon as the cause for this is resolved, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Blog2Social can reliably read and display your images again.

    If you need further support, please feel free to contact us at customer-service(at)blog2social(dot)com. If you put our e-mail on your white list before, our answers will not end up in spam any more 😉

    It would be great if you could adjust your rating accordingly.
    Thank you!

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