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  • I activated the plugin on download. I did not go into settings. It automatically added several pages to my website just on the download. A join page, membership page, login page…and others. I now have pages added, that I will delete. More redirect pages on my website, because this plugin invaded my website.

    I tried to change pages to review status or draft status. I was not allowed to do that. I have do idea what other invasive things it may have added to my website, but someone with more expertise than me should investigate.


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  • I’d like to add to that part ‘someone with more expertise than me should investigate’ 🙂 I’ve been playing around with and evaluating Simple Membership for a bit and I feel confident that I have enough user-side expertise to offer some helpful insights. I am in no way shape or form connected with plugin authors, except for being very thankful that they are providing a good and effective product for libre/free.

    What you are talking about is normal behavior (if I had more time I could probably find it described in the docs, writing from memory here). I deleted those pages straight away and made my own. I don’t remember having any problems with making those pages ‘Draft’ (it may be helpful if you share further what you mean there, maybe there is something else going on). In the settings you can define which page you want to use for logging in, registering, etc. The (optional) step of offering people to join (from memory it’s the ‘Join Us’ page) I’m not even using. If you dig through the docs you will find that you can override some of the forms by creating a ‘simple-membership’ folder in your theme folder. On my site I have even managed to have two registration pages: one to simply say that I’m currently overloaded and not accepting new registrations, and he other (‘secret’) one to give to friends and valued clients.

    You have to have those pages, otherwise your users won’t be able to register, log in, change their profile, or reset their password. In the settings there is also an option to recreate all those pages if you’ve played around with them and want a fresh start. I have not noticed the plugin adding anything to my site that wasn’t clearly defined and expected. I have even taken a sneak peak into the database. Code is all open source so it’s very clear what it does.

    I happy to answer any and all questions about what I’ve written and also share more of my very positive experiences with the plugin.

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    Good response. My concern is I did not open settings. These pages populated as I downloaded and activated plug-in.
    In the pages section I changed pages to draft, as a way to get them off My active website quickly, and the pages reset to published.
    My concern is not whether the pages were necessary. It was the invasive manner the pages were published. I simply did a download and activate.
    This review is my warning flag to others that may want to try this plug-in.
    Beware. Don’t do it.

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    Sorry to hear that you are facing some issue with the plugin. Please create a support ticket from the following link and we will try to help:

    Thank you

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    It should be 1 star. Tried to edit, but it stated I was not allowed to edit. I’ll make my opinion known posting on Google.



    This is an awesome plugin and I have been using it for almost an year. I like that it made pages for me that I didn’t have to create. Once you hit “activate” it goes into work and does its job.
    You can now protect the pages with the new protection method. Before activating, make sure to read all the documentation, so you can know how to use it. I always investigate everything before turning it on my site. Its too important not too. The powerful “activate button” will turn things on!
    Read up and try again, I really love it. Hope this helps.

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