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This page has been protected. . How to remove this?

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  • Jan Dembowski


    The site is a little sparse but all of the links work for me.

    Hey Jan, Thanks for replying!

    it’s not the links that are the problem. It is if I right click to “save as…” it says that the page is protected. problem is, I have a picture which links to a PDF file, that I would like subscribers to be able to download after I send them the link. The link is


    Jan Dembowski


    Do you have some sort of (pointless, never works, no idea why people use them) protection plugin on your installations…?

    Looking at the source of that page, it looks like around line 94 you have some sort of obfuscated script that gets unescaped.

    If you added that then try and remove it.

    I never added that, not really sure how to do what you say. Thanks for replying though. Can you duplicate the problem? ANY page on my site, when it is right clicked says ‘This page has been protected. Preview only’

    It is driving me batty!

    Jan Dembowski


    Try disabling all of your plugins and switch your theme to Twenty Eleven.

    If the problem is still there then something really odd is going on. if it goes away then re-activate each plugin one at a time until it comes back.

    Ok, I just changed to twenty eleven and the problem goes away. But when I return to Backstage, it does it again.


    Also, When I deactivate all of the plug ins, I still get the same problem….

    Forum Moderator


    Try Woo Themes for support…

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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