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  • I have never had any problems creating my blog posts in WordPress. My blog is in it’s 12th year and I have nearly 2 million visits to my blog. BUT yesterday, when I updated to the newest version of WordPress, the whole way you create a blog changed radically. IT IS AWFUl!!!! You have to create blocks of text, etc and I keep saving but keep losing parts of the post. It is a nightmare. I want the old version back. I cannot work like this!!!!

    PLEASE HELP ME!!! I can’t use this current version. The changes were radical and THEY DON’T WORK RIGHT. Please tell me how to get back to the past version until you resolve this. Please make it be like it used to be. There were never any problems before this.

    This new problematic version of WP is 2.0.9 and it is so different I can barely figure out how to use it after YEARS of it always being the same. Please please please help me!!!!

    Maitri Libellule

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    First, relax a bit.

    Second, it’s just a new editor. It’s actually pretty easy to use. Give it a try, you might like it.

    However, if you really don’t want to deal with it right now, install the “Classic Editor” plugin and you’ll have the old editor back.

    Thread Starter maitrilibellule


    Thank you. I will definitely go back to the old editor. This new one is simply awful, difficult to use, and when I “Save” as I go along (I blog daily and have a large loyal following and have never had any problems until this update) I lose things. The blog title, there after the last Save, has disappeared, and so on. This is awful. Please take all these “blocks” and so on away and give up back the editor that works!!!!

    Thread Starter maitrilibellule



    I appreciate your help but following your link when I go under Settings, and Writing Settings, nothing comes up that gives me the option to select “Classic Editor.” I see it on your sample page but it does not show up at all like that as an option on my site. I can’t seem to get back to the classic editor. I swear I will go back to Blogger before I will deal with this new editor and my blog has existed since 2007. This new editor is a nightmare!


    It’s not going to be there until you install the plugin called Classic Editor, that can be found at the link he gave.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


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    @maitrilibellule You need to install the plugin. Go to plugins -> add new, and search for “Classic Editor.”

    I agree, I just updated and it’s a disaster. You have to install a plugin just to be able to edit posts and pages?

    I tried to edit a page and there is just text now with no editing tools at the top

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    @voodoochill There are editing tools that show up at the top of individual blocks. The tools that show up depend on the block.

    Try starting by just typing in your post. You don’t need a box with some buttons on top in order to type in your post.

    But I don’t want to type, I just want to edit like I used to be able to, it was easy.



    I use an iPad to enter an edit my blog—-at least I used to. The new version of WordPress does not support iPad editing!

    I absolutely agree that this is a nightmare. Plugins I use don’t work, Classic editor doesn’t work as originally designed. It’s going to take me a month to figure out what the H…. happened and how to get my pages back. In the meantime, users of the site will not be able to see the latest updates I am trying to input.

    Thread Starter maitrilibellule


    I don’t know why they did something this radical, I don’t like it at all. And I don’t like having to mess with plugins especially since people have tried it and it’s not the same as it used to be. This was a BAD move on WordPress’s part! I’m very upset about it.

    I am disgusted by the corporate arrogance of WordPress. This new upgrade is a surprise to me, and it’s no improvement. It’s a step backward. I was very sincerely in a comfort zone, posting to my website every day. Now, nothing looks familiar. Why wasn’t I offered a chance to beta test this monstrosity? Shame on the WordPress designers and marketers who thought it would be a good idea to make it impossible for me to use my WordPress website, all of a sudden. Think of all the words I’m choosing not to use in this complaint.

    This is what many people have been afraid of for months. The developers have been warning WordPress not to do things this way, but they get ignored, or told this is how it’s going to be, or even accused of being stuck in the past. “But users will love it! It’s easy! It’s just a tiny handful of developers who hate it because they have to change their coding!”

    Hey, I’m a user, and I don’t think it’s so easy having to look all over the place for functions. I don’t like losing my customized TinyMCE because somebody else thinks I don’t need or shouldn’t be doing those functions. Sure it’s in the Classic Block, but I tried Elementor and I could use my own TinyMCE for all the text, and all paragraphs were in the same box. Just the way I wanted it.

    Thing is, if some users don’t want to change, if they like things the way they are, what’s wrong with that? We’ve got lots of non-techies and people who simply don’t have time to figure out a new editor.

    Fortunately, ClassicPress is looking more and more like a viable option. It’s a fork from WordPress specifically to avoid Gutenberg and all the changes which are in the pipeline to the structure of WordPress. So if you like Gutenberg and find the block concept exciting, you can stay put. But if you don’t want the editor and all the widgets and menus turning to blocks, there is an option. I’ve been running my two sites on CP for the past few days.

    Seriously, what fresh hell is this? I posted on my blog 3 days ago and everything was fine. Today, nothing makes sense. I want to spend my time writing, not learning new editors that I never signed up for.

    The arrogance of “First, relax a bit.” is pretty stunning. The forums are a wall of complaints about this change. Belittling the users for hating a change imposed on us isn’t appropriate.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    It’s like you’re not even trying to use the new editor. Really. It works fine on the iPad, on phones, everywhere. I really do not understand the reluctance here. It’s an improvement, and a definite upgrade from the old editor.

    Here’s a little video I made earlier today for another user on another thread. Give it a watch. If you’re having actual problems then we would be happy to address them, but really, all I’m reading here is non-specific claims of failure.

    The editor works great. So, unless you can say *why* it doesn’t, then we don’t have any solutions for you.

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