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  • hi,
    sorry for my english i’m french

    i have a wordpress blog host by
    i read here this host is not good. Now I know why… but I need to resolve my problem before leaving them.

    this morning i launch my blog and i read :Error establishing a database connection

    (you can chack it here )

    I looked for a solution here but i don’t know what I can do.

    Please help, i have several questions :

    – is it possible that someone find my real login/password and change them ? (like hacker)
    – do I have lots all my blog ?
    – i call the hot line, but they can’t help me. Free doesn’t really host the mysql database.. the pay another compagny for that.. and nobody can be reach by phone. I send a mail but I don’t believe i’ll have an answer

    i’m sure someone else had this problem..

    please help

    thank you very much

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  • Your host’s database server must be down they are the only ones that can fix that so you will have to contact them.

    it’s sunday .. nobody work in france
    I hope tomorrow things will change…

    Is it possible to know if the serveur is down ?
    I have another account in the same “provider” ( and i can log on the databse with this other account (but maybe they have diffrent database)..

    how can I have this information.. and spend a good night 🙂

    What a coincidence! My blog also is having a problen since morning: Error establishing a database connection. I contacted my hosting provider and he said that the database server is down for some reason.
    The problem is mainly in the MySQL program, so the database is safe; the same may be the case with you.
    Lets hope it get’s working by t’morrow.


    I’m having the same problem with Dreamhost, since Friday. I sent a support ticket then, but I guess they’re not working on weekends, because I haven’t got a reply yet. Besides, the site’s been showing up and then dissapearing again, leaving just the “Error establishing a database connection” message from WordPress. It happend just 5 minutes ago, and now it’s working again:

    A simple way to find if the database is down is to ssh/telnet to the server and type <i>isql</i>. If you can connect and type in some queries then your database server is up.

    If another application is being able to access the database then the server is definitely up.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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